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a beautiful set for a gorgeous model.

Excellent photography Rylsky. As always, Augusta Crystal looks great.
This set is a definite 10.

I find myself wishing that every set of every model would include
shots like #s 23 & 100 in this set (most especially the 'lesser
endowed' models). I guess I must have a breast (or nipple) fetish!
(along with a pubic hair fetish)

No human body part can be a fetish. A fetish is a fascination with something inanimate.

But there are also fetishes that are not on objects, but on actions... BDSM comes to mind, pee/piss fetishes, etc. etc.

augusta one of my original favorites I agree I hope she shows up more often definitely have one of the most beautiful faces pretty eyes great smile half the time I enjoy her face shots as much as her body shots

I thought this was a very weak display.

Stunning!! As always.

I have only one complaint about Audusta Crystal, and that is that she does'nt pose often enough. A perfect beauty photographed by Rylsky

That should be Augusta Chrystal

Thank you that not Augusta Chrysler


Even in the rarefied air populated by Rylsky's "pantheon of goddesses," does anyone have as sweet a face as Augusta Crystal? Even when she's looking a little sly, or a little sassy, the sweet shines through. She is just soooo adorable...

Looking lovely Augusta Crystal.

Tall, slender, blonde and beautiful. Very nice. Great job Augusta Crystal.

Damn Ry, this is supposed to be a place I view pussy and tits, etc. And while you have given us those parts beautifully from Augusta I actually clicked more so tonight on the stunning facial shots. Several of them were "portrait" quality and she has one of the most beautiful faces ever on Met. Forget the IMHO tonight, I know this is a great set.

The bright light and Augusta's pale skin lend this set an ethereal quality. I could bask in the glow of her smile forever.

Thanks to Augusta and Rylsky for a beautiful set.

Augusta's back to remind me why I love tall women so much, especially when they have flawless ivory skin and beautiful smiles. She is a gem, and Rylsky has done a great job of shining light on all her lovely facets.

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