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The simplicity of this set should be an example of a good background. A solid single color that is rich without harshness. The velvety texture with drapes and folds. The single seat under the fabric. The color works well with the hair and eyes.

Augusta is still HOT ... but its an unimaginative set! Its a waste of her being naked.

Rylsky, did you actually shoot these pics? What's up with all the out of focus? Is impressionism suddenly supposed to be erotic? You've always been among the best on this site. I can't believe this is your work. A beautiful model, but the pics are totally uninspired and, worse, mostly out of focus. Do we join a pay site for stuff like this? Looks like a total amateur shot these. Not up to your usual high class work. Very disappointing.

On one occasion when several people (myself included) said "Where's the rest of the set?" Rylsky's answer was "Shit happens." Fair enough. But I must support hipshot131 in his question where are all the closeups? Please Rylsky, did shit happen again (on a random basis) or did you leave them out deliberately?

This set shows you don't need high sized files when both the model and photographer are great! I really enjoyed this set.

I like it- Augusta's hair has a teased up look to it, it gives her a whole new look..........

I believe this is a gallery that has been resurrected from Met's or Rylsky's "pipeline limbo".

Perhaps Rylsky and Augusta were establishing mutual trust and confidence levels at that time.

In any event, Augusta is beautiful!

A wonderful model.
An exemplary set.
Inevitable : top marks for two.

Ninety-nine excellent photos of a perfectly beautiful woman. Augusta Crystal is tall and slender, with such perfect curves and lines. And she has such a lovely enchanting face.

But where are the closeups?

image 48.

Also the best of the lot.

Nice photography Rylsky. Augusta looks great!
The burgundy/oxblood background color works really well with Augusta's pale skin.

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