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Was für ein schöner Nackedei, ganz nackig steht sie da, alles kann man sehen, was für wunderschöne Beine sie hat, mein Spatz wird ganz steif und steht steil hoch...

Beautiful set. It takes a lot of charisma from Augusta to make a set as interesting as this with no props, costume or setting.

I think it is one of the best series in the last years. The whole body is in focus, not only the details we all love to see so much ... We
members of METART are lucky

It would be easy to picture AC as a ballerina. This set really seems to say look at the naked ballerina. Her petite size, small breasts, and hair bun and long lean figure fit that image very well. In photos like #8 all she needs is a tutu. For me that is perfect. Ballerina's are ideal fantasy material.

I totally agree, Hipshot... I love ballerina/ballet sets too. They seem to have gone out of style for the most part, with a few notable exceptions. My favorite recent example would be Goncharov's set of Semmi "Pirouette." Annett has some really nice ballet sets and vids over on Stunning18.com as well... ( :

Another perfect set of Augusta Crystal against a beautifuly selected background.I t compliments her posing without drownding her out. Like all expert models Augusta can start nude, and hold attention to the last pic.Most models start with some kind of costume. I gave Augusta and Rylsky a 10+++ apiece.

Beautiful set and Gorgeous Augusta. Loved the hair up and loved the hair down but I would have loved some photos of Augusta actually taking her hair down and looking into the lens.

That would have been tricky since this is two separate sets combined into one.

Will you complain when you pay for 1 sandwich and get sandwich + coffee cup or cola for free? just don't drink then. Sandwich will be yours anyway.

Rylsky, to me this didn't sound like a complaint, it sounded more like an indirect suggestion or a request.
Along the lines of, "The only way this set could have been better is if...."

well, I hope nothing wrong came with some bonus here.

Has she been so cute, clear, bright and beautiful?

Look at Boticelli's "Venus" and then look at picture number five.

Was just about to make the same comment!

Great background, great poses, great photos, great set!!!

At 8M per, I'm guessing these are about 2-3 yrs old, but nice nonetheless.

12 MP became standard in DSLR industry in 2005-2006. It says nothing.

A beautiful woman!

Wow, that was a special treat


A beautiful girl, sensitively & creatively photographed - lovely set

I like the hair up style . Very sexy, like a Bridesmaid. Sexy young lady.

I really like hair up photos, but I enjoyed the transition from hair up to hair down in this set... Augusta is exquisite either way. ( :

The transition I see is from one set to another set... Look at what she's laying on....and the background "color"... Two different shoots.

Right, something like "to be continued" before you will see the "episode 2" (same used in many movies like "Back To The Future-2,3..." when "franchise" part I was successful.


Picture 70 is fabulous!

This is why I really like Rylsky's blank screen photosets. One beautiful young woman and nothing else. A study of the shape and lines of the female form. Augusta is pefectly perfect for this kind of set. She has a beautiful tall slender figure and an adorable face. I like that she wore her hair up for most of the set and finnished the set with her hair down.

Neil, as always your assessment of this Augusta / Rylsky collaboration, and most observations you make, is spot on!

You have a knack of knowing volumes of background information. My question is not about this gallery, but. . .are you aware of any Turkish or Finnish models who have appeared on met-art?


I do not know about Turkish but Finnish, Orabelle A on MetArt aka Orabelle Koivu on RylskyArt.


search by country...
2 seconds to find the answers

Thanks Neil for your photographic memory, and Rylsky for yet another source of knowledge!


No exaggerated gymnastics.
Nice set! Really nice!

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