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Augusta Crystal is perfectly set here. Posing her against a single color seems to work best for her, but my personal preference is for her red and blue sets. However, that's just me. Again, she seems to prefer having her hair down over her breasts, and if that's the way she works best, that's her call. I gave both a 10++++

I have written many times about Augusta's beauty and Rylsky's presentation of her beauty, this gallery deserves all the compliments I have previously written.

One thing I don't think I have written about is Augusta's elegant neck as presented in # 47. Well done Rylsky, as are the many lovely portrait ready images of Augusta's beautiful face!

Thank you Augusta, thank you Team Rylsky.

Speaking of portraits... although it is actually a profile, # 48 KILLS me. OMG what a gorgeous shot...

Indeed, but cropped too much; 44 does the profile thingy better I think.

You're right that 44 is preferable because of the lack of cropping... the nice thing about 48 is that she's looking down... for some reason I can't explain, that particular expression gets me right here... ( :

So how this must be, in my opinion, a set of erotic pictures to be an Excellent set.
A beautiful model and nothing else around except the color.

Rylsky, let that one can admire the breast and not the hair of the model.
They are so powerful the estimators of the hair and not of the women?

Her hair is in the way in most shots, and it appears to be deliberately placed. A serious detraction.

Hi gary She seems to prefer having her hair down over her breasts. I can only remember 1 set where she put it up.

Only Rylsky can answer this question with certainty, but Augusta Crystal seems to be a very sweet and kind young woman.....make that a BEAUTIFUL young woman.

I just love this girl's smile:)).....intoxicating!

Thank you Rylsky.

Is it just me or does she look TOO good? Airbrushed?

I dont know why you dont paint houses for a living?

Lovely as usual. That pink background is perfect for AC, It complements her lovely skin tones and blond hair. AC has a serene beauty that is hard to resist. Lovely hair, pretty blue eyes and a shy smile that is perfect for her. Awesome body and that little pink butterfly makes one hungry to sample her nectar.

Hear, hear, Hipshot! That is the butterfly of my dreams.

This young lady is so beautiful it's ridiculous.
For very different reasons, # 43 & 44 are stunning images.

This is what I like about these blank screen photo sets. 114 perfectly wonderful photos of a supremely beautiful young woman, a light blue wrap, a blue necklace and nothing else. Just a display of Augusta Crystal's beautiful figure and gorgeous face. No clutter and not distractions. Just beautiful Augusta Crystal.

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