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The Bod is back, outfuckingstanding

Finnaly a girl the way they are supposted to look full natural breasts and full bush, OUTSTANDING A PERFECT 10+

One from the basement, just for doug! ;o)

Aurora is so delicious. A goddess from head to toe. I could spend hours licking every yummy inch of her. So despite the fact that I strongly prefer trimmed or shaved pussies...she gets a 10 from me, despite the hairy tangled mess between her legs!

That's what I'm talking about. A dip in the pool, wet tank top and panties, a full bush with a little bit of hair between the cheeks, heavenly hooters, a really sweet ass, long lovely legs, pretty toes, beautiful hands, and a very beautiful face complete with full luscious lips! Did I mention Aurota's beautiful bush, love it! Damn, I need to cool off...now if I could only find that pool.

Aurora, you got hips lady along with a lot of other assets!

Love it!

Incredible bush. Absolutely extremely erotic!

I have made an executive decision. I will use one of my discretionary ratings of 11 for this delightful collaboration!

Someone, or something, or even the collaboration deserves one of my 11s. It might be: Sergey, Aurora, whoever first persuaded her to pose in the nude, K, Karma, or. . .

I don't have the time to compose an image by image statement of why I like it / them. Nearly 100% of the images include at least one element that pleases me.

Seldom, if ever, has a collection of images at ANY adult site; either in total number of images or percentage of images shown, approached or exceeded Aurota for me.

Some physical features that I really appreciate are not seen here; Aurora may or may not have them. One winning feature not seen today is a beautiful and natural smile, the kind that brings happiness to anyone who sees it.

My current and still all time favorite adult model, any site, any photographer; has such a smile.

The above summarizes my viewing experience; your experience may very well differ. If you choose to state why your viewing experience was different, please do not include rude or hurtful comments about Aurora's personal choices.

I can handle criticism, Aurora should not have to!

Voluptuous! Is that the word in english? - What a woman, such more sensitive with a soft bush! ... LOVE IT !

Viking, "voluptuous" definitely applies in Aurora's case, but it tends to be used to describe a generous figure ~ large breasts, large hips, etc.

Incredible pussy and bush. i would run out of adjectives trying to describe how beautiful she is, but that's how I think a woman should look.

Amazing bush! wow...

To my eyes, this set and this woman are crazy hot. Thought Id toss in a couple of compliments for that sexy and sly smile, the water droplets streaking across that flawless skin, the sexy natural look, and some fine photography. Aurora made my day, and I love her how she is.

Oh THAT Aurora! WoW does she look good!

Yeah, she's lacking some of that warm, sweet little smile of her previous sets, but I suspect it was just the 'mood' of this one. I think she looks as good as ever & this is a very sexy set!

Aurora has a gorgeous face & beautiful hair, and for sure a jaw-dropping figure. I LOVE the bush! It's perfect! And I sincerely hope she's back and that there are MANY more sets planned! She was one of the models who first drew me here to MA a couple years ago & was disappointed when she left. Glad to see her back! Oh, and she should be in MA's Top 10!

Great body and I'm fine with the pouty facial expressions, but that hairy bush is a total turn-off. No thanks.

I'm Totally surprised we don't have a love letter from Doug, since Aurora doesn't believe in shaving either. She smiles, but her smiles are rare and subtile(Hah! I spelled it! and my comp can't)She's like Ulya I (A.K.A. klodi) or Liza B (sometimes) in that reguard. I guess she Knows she looks so good in a beater and panties she doesn't feel like she has to make it easy.I gave her a 10+++ for hotnicity and Sergei Akion the same for remembering her back is as good as her front

Real FOX...fur 'n all!!!

Wicked eyebrows, far too hairy for my taste, at least trim a little...

Wet, stringy hair is a total turn-off. And Special Ed is right: smiles are a plus. A genuine, sparkling smile is the sexiest expression possible. Why do so many photographers not get this?????

Check her other sets, SouthernMaster, she has sets where she smiles. She just wasn't in that mood for this one. No big deal.

She smiles all over.
Great figure.
Several photos in the set should have been tossed. A number of really great ones in the set though.

I agree the set would have been much better with some smiles, and it is on the photographers. I did not even notice this due to not seeing her for so long. I just got caught up in her eyes and that killer body of hers! and the quality of the photos are very good.

Not a single smile. She is very pretty, and has a wonderful body, but could we at least get some smiles or act like she is interested in sharing her body with us.
Pic #33 is pretty seductive though.

hi special Ed She smiles, but they are Very faint,a twitch of the lips

The smile you get in shot 9 is as good as it gets,smilewise. Like I said,think Ulya I or Liza B. She feels that the wet beater and panties are good enough.

I'm pretty sure she's smiling in #9.

What a nice treat it is to have Aurora A. back after almost 2yrs. She has always been one of my favorites! Beautiful face and the look in her eyes can melt you away, not to mention her incredible body! What a beauty, thank you Mr.Akion and Aurora for an excellent photo set,great quality work. Hope to see more of Aurora A. soon!!

Beautiful young lady.

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