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Very beautiful woman with a "10" ass and absolutely gorgeous eyes!

I can tell you why!
Avril is truly stunning, but the photographer continued to put those ugly damned shoes as a priority! That ruined an otherwise very nice set. Ugly assed shoes need to find an early departure point.

Simply stunning. Exquisite.

I don't see why this set is poorly rated. Avril is very sexy, and is in an attention-getting striptease. Yes, she stays dressed longer than other models in other sets, but in the end is just as open and inviting.
The models don't have to be fully nude from the first photo, and this fantasy sequence shows every erotic part of Avril.
The photos at the end should have either been put in the right part of the sequence, or left out.

Set should have ended at number 126.

I think Avril looks red hot in this set!!! Beautiful face and delicious boobs and pussy!!! Yummy!!!

Avril is a beautiful slim girl, with full breasts, long legs and a lovely face.

The panty shots are a real turn on, particularly from the rear revealing Avril's lovely pussy & tight anus. Gorgeous girl

Hue is terrible.

a very bad set

I don't understand the sequencing in the photos. We start out with Avril in a hot little red dress, looking very nice with those long legs of hers. The shoot progresses naturally, then she is fully clothed again and it basically starts over. The thong is on way too long, and with the model and that flattering red dress, some up-skirt shots without it would have been very nice. A much larger than usual posting with 146 photos, but the last redundant sequence could have been cut out and it would have made no difference - nothing new was shown. A bit disappointing, could have easily been made more interesting given the model and setting.

A bit of a yawn.

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