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Gorgeous girl--love the short hair!! Adorable and extremely hot--need more girls here to chop the long...its overdone and oring

Especially delicious!

A very nicely done first set (here on M-A). Particularly like the short pixie-cut hair. Sure would like to see her with her natural hair color though.

With a woman such as she, there is a term, musical, which identifies her: Largo, I do like slow and stately. She does her best to intense my fantacy upon view of her. A great cloud of witness have promglamated their interest in this woman, and I extol every positive venue. She is as one would say if fishing, a keeper....

I believe you meant "promulgated". ;-)

Reminds me a bit of Sunny B...

Looks like she might be about a year or so older, perhaps.

A clever contribution of clothing.

A warm welcome to the fold for those welcoming folds.

I love Avrora, she is very sexy and I would love to be lying in bed next to you looking at your beautiful face. The photography is really poor, very little in focus, which is probably due to shooting with the major light source in back necessitating a wide open lens with little depth-of-field.

With a Dawn so, the whole day will be calm and clear.

Another VERY beautiful girl Albert, but this set is not an example of your best work! Too much "in and out"...almost made me dizzy to view the sequence 50-65. And 19 appears to actually be 29. But I'd be a bit reticent not mentioning that you got some really great shots of this beauty! I hope there's LOTS of Aurora to come!!

The first few shots are hard to see due to lighting, but the shots on the window sea are great! She is a total cutie. Mr. Varin likes to put clothes off and on models,and girls who look sexy either way are good for me. Not every model works well nude on her first try,remember "Presenting Sofi" Sofi looked like she was going to grab her dress and run screaming from the studio,and look at her now. It can take 3-5 shoots to break a good nude model in(Rem she has to get comfortable being nude in front of a bunch of strangers.) I gave Avrora and Varin a 10+. And don't forget Avrora on SA

Funny, I don't remember a whole lot of models' first sets, but I vividly remember Sofi's as being spectacular.
I didn't get the impression that she was scared at all... perhaps a little shy but not scared. I guess it just goes to show how different two peoples' perception of the same thing can be.

Nothing against the model, she is fine. But this set is the biggest joke I've encountered on MA. Almost all the pics were a combo of clothed &/or pussy shots.

Nice set, would love to see a lot more of Avrora please.

The wall in the last four shots looks awfully familiar...

What about that bag of weed that mysteriously appears at her feet in the last shot! lmao!!

That looks more like a cellophane wrapper for the bouquet she's holding and it just popped into the shot. Something like what people do behind others that are getting their picture taken; I don't know what the term is for that. Anyway, it was nice to see what Avrora's legs looked like in a pair of jeans. She's a doll...

The term is "photobomb" ( : ( : ( :
...although I confess I do like the "bag o' weed" interpretation! LOL

C'mon! That's not nearly as much fun!!

Plus I see no evidence that her bouquet ever had a cellophane wrapper on it! ;o) It's a bag of weed!!!

Looks like homegrown!

Naaaah --

She got it as a free sample in Oregon.


You wish????

LOL Well....for her gratification...yes, I wish ;o)

If it is, there is enough there for a lot of gratification, at least a quarter pound.

As a general rule, I don't find shorter haircuts very attractive on a woman, but wow, she really makes it work for her.

Hell yes, I couldn't agree more!
What a babe.

Short haircut can be really sexy in my book.

Depends on the lady... Avrora absolutely rocks it.

Avrora is indeed a stunner. She has an immaculately beautiful face, a perfect petite body, a PP, and attitude enough to get her wherever she needs to go. And a stunning smile as well...
On another note, I'd sure like to be that bouquet...

Attractive woman with a very nice body. Gotta love that pussy. Interesting that I correctly assumed she was Russian before opening her bio. She just has that look.

Pretty good set, with a few too many of the usual "can't show her face and any other body part in focus at the same time" images. Odd that there are no photos of her both naked and upright, kneeling or standing.

This is a very pleasing debut by lovely Avrora.

I am glad to see "mature" ladies getting their share in the spotlight.

A few random thoughts:

Avrora's long slender legs belie the listed height of 5' 3" and she is another lady who weighs 99 pounds, I like pixie hair dos, a bright smile is always nice ~ as are nice nipples, superb butt cheeks, occasional rib sightings, a camel toe, and lovely inner labia.

Albert does it again, and I hope that this is only the first of many visits from Avrora.

Great debut from a beautiful, sexy girl! Some excellent close-ups of her beautiful pussy! One small complaint: near the end of the set there were several cropped in photos with no corresponding full body shots (73, 75, 82, 84, 85, 87, 89). Next time, please include both. Especially of the doggy poses, one of my favorite positions to see a girl in!

Avrora also has a delectable rear but just 3 shots in the end .Hope to see more in future .

Avrora is simply fantastic, a very pretty girl with an absolutely marvelous body, the shots where she is crouched on the window sill with her bare, open cunt wantonly displayed are truly majestic. I love the fully clothed shots as well, in a lot of these sets I'd far rather see these beautiful girls strip out of their everyday street clothes as opposed to the more fanciful outfits they don when the set begins in earnest

I've been a fan of this gorgeous beauty since her appearance on SexArt about a year and a half ago, I had resigned myself to accepting her as a one hit wonder so I was absolutely delighted to see her crop up as a forthcoming release here on MetArt.

Please can we have a lot more of this beautiful girl!.

It will be extremely interesting to see how this one plays out scorewize her first two votes were 10's her second 2 votes had to be 1's because with four votes she has a 5. Why anyone would vote 1 on this escapes me. It is interesting that Albert brought us a 5'10" inch model one day and a 5'3" tiny girl the next. A few too many gyno shots for my taste but the window work was intriguing. Almost peek-a-boo. Thought the facial shots fit in well. As I said should be an interesting comment day.

It sounds like you think Albert makes the decision about which sets of his are posted, and when they're posted... He doesn't....and never will.

And the "bush lovers" are the likely culprits giving 1's to the models that shave. That's why we pay NO attention to ratings...along with tags they're pretty much meaningless.

That's right, blame it on Doug and his band of merry men.

Review my posts and you would know I am fully aware that of course it is "God" K that determines if and when a set is posted. The point was Albert did have posts back to back with two divergent style of lady.

"interesting that 'Albert brought us' a 5'10" inch model one day and a 5'3" tiny girl the next."

THIS sure sounds like you don't... My mistake.

Where oh where did those "thumbs down" go?

I could speculate...

Without the tags we wouldn't know which girls have fuckable pussies, as well as being totally clueless in regard to the fact that .........cunt (?).

Enquiring minds need to know these things!.

It's why the tags should go the way of the polaroid camera. They are obsolete.

Not true rachsback, I'm a "bush lover" but more so, I do like to think of myself as a connoisseur of pussy. And Avrora's is absolutely beautiful, as is her face. I give her, all 5'3", and her delicious looking shaved pussy a 10!

My error in not specifying "some bush lovers..." ;o) It wouldn't take many to drag a score down...

Also, are you willing to vouch for doug and the others who almost constantly whine about the models shaving?? "Not true..." seems to indicate that you do. They're not all as reasonable as you. ;o)

I only speak for myself. Whether it be "hair today or gone tomorrow" it doesn't really matter to me. I'm by no means a whiner, but an admirer of the most beautiful works of art to ever walk the face of this earth. (and remember they're all beautiful to someone or another) Later.

C6, you get a thumbs up from me for an agreeable attitude!

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