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  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

I see that the hack blogger Adam also supports the cloning out/painting over/Photoshopping of shaven body hair, as evidenced in the shot he features, image 30 of this set.
Does anybody but me care? Yes. But obviously not the authorities :-)
Another nail in MetArt's coffin.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

BTW, look at image 83 if you wanna see why I complain about photoshopping.
THAT is ree-dick-u-leez! :-)))

Otherwise do yourself a favor and keep it on (very low) rez :-)

We all realize that you have a heavy torch to bear Doug But I fear you are swimming upstream/tilting at windmills and all that sort of thing. If you need to download in hi rez and view it in a dedicated photo program to see find the "flaws" then IMHO no I don't care. That is not what this site is about. We are not doing graphic reproduction for posters. We are viewing these on our computer screens and if you will notice Metart claims Flawless beauty. Why would they then want to show all of the models flaws. Metart rules state no body art so how would they allow that huge Tattoo? Like a movie, these girls are about the fantasy of perfection and take my word for it. Nature seldom produces a flawless body and even when she does the girls feel obligated to mess it up with piercings and Tattoos.

So does anyone else care? A few I am sure that share your aversion to creative editing but for the mainstream members? I can't speak for them but I sure don't and I would think Metart's success would show that you are but a small fish in a big pond.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Who cares if I'm a small fish in a big pond? Not me. I just call 'em like I see 'em, popularity be damned.
I recently came across a MetArt ad that claims "we do not airbrush skin", etc.
Just a wee bit of falseness there :-)
To me the usual MetArt airbrushing is grievously flawed -- that's why I can spot it so easily.
And I think it's anyone's choice how they want to view these images -- whether critically in hi rez or uncritically in low.
Sure, the critical route takes a lot longer. But I submit the rewards are greater. Even if it does entail some painful discoveries.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Oh and one more thing, in case it isn't obvious -- I don't consider body hair a flaw that has to be airbrushed away, even if it's shaven.
In fact I consider it a sexy feature. Shocking, the thought on this site, huh :-?

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

..."creative editing"...? No, I'm talking about destructive editing.

  • clay
  • 9 months ago:

I love that face, im jacking off to her alot. Just finished actually. O crap, gettin hard again thinkin bout her. Grrr. Im not a foot licker but id lick those dirty feet clean, as for her face and ass, id kiss both all day n night.

A goddess in the making!!

Great addition to the website, loved the pantie shots from behind, shame no decent shots of her Anus, maybe with time, looking forward to the next gallery of this girl.

Nice to see this model on Met-Art. Also known as Summer on another nude art web site. Would like to see more sets of this lovely lady.

I don't know about all of you, but I find the bad photoshopping of her pubic region in an attempt to remove her stubble to be more distracting than a tattoo could ever be. Why do certain photogs insist on ruining perfectly fine photos with lousy editing?

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Include the destruction of her armpit hair as well.
I think it's a good question to put to MetArt management. They'll probably say, though, that not enough people care or complain about this sort of butchery.
It is amazing what gullible or uncritical viewers will swallow. It could be as well that they flip through these sets in low resolution over the internet and therefore never see what can be seen in a full resolution image with a dedicated graphics program.
I.e., ignorance really is bliss sometimes... :-(

Lovely woman, well shot photographs, great combination of artistic skill and wonderful subject matter. I do ask why 'airbrush' the tattoo off her lower abdomen? (see image 6)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

"artistic skill" not!
You just encourage airbrushing when you praise a photographer who employs it.

Why indeed!!

yes.. another few sets of Aza please, before the end of the year, oh, don't change a thing. We have a winner.

Aza is the Ukrainian version of Adriana Lima, only much sexier! In my not so humble opinion, of course.

She's gorgeous enough to raise the dead - I'd be surprised if she doesn't have a crowd of horny zombies shuffling after her wherever she goes.

What the heck is going on in Ukraine!?!

It's like a world's factory of insanely beautiful women.

Hope they export.

You got that right! I used to think I was lucky living in California, but now I'm feeling deprived, ha ha!

LOL In the middle of this blizzard, I think you ARE lucky to be in SoCal! Deprived or not! lol

I now have a new favorite. I doubt if they can find anyone that can surpass her beauty and perfection.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

How would we know, when they shave that perfection with Photoshop?

  • Gary
  • 9 months ago:

Aza is off-the-charts hot, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and erotic. I love her stubble and she'd be better completely unshaven everywhere.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

You must mean the stubble that isn't airbrushed.

  • clay
  • 9 months ago:

Draw hair. I wanna see it all bare and spread open. She shows more ass than others but I want tosee it spread wide open so I can imagine shoving my whole face in it. I dont need hair in the way of my fantasy nor in my mouth lol

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Don't need your brain in the way either :-)

So what you're looking for is a gorilla...?

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Yeah, no doubt she'd be a terrible monster :-)

"Ook! Ook!"

As a female I have to agree with Sailor it been totaly a great November to for me as well too :) Alex Iskan portayed Aza in a wonderfull debute series Aza is simply both a gorgeous model young lady with totaly full of confindence in front of the camera lenses as if she has never posed naked as a model but i dare say by her biograghy she states "I am a sexy woman" that she creatainly is :( I just simply love her sexy alluring her hazel eyes beaufiful breasts and nipples long sexy legs lovely firm derriere ~~ The setting is pretty simple just a lamp and brick wall and a lounge chair but it enchanes Aza's lovely 5ft9" tall body as per image #101-#103 with a a lovely close up of her firm derriere gorgeous face hazel eyes long brown hair very well as she poses in some very sexy sensual one the lamp casting her shadow against the wall both with explicite and sensual sexy serene poses Aza is truely a lovely Urianian young Lady :( I do hope that's not a large tattoo between her legs as a female i dont mind them as long they are nice and hidden as it may spoil her modeling career in the future with all of the photoshopping guess we all will have to see in the future to come if she stays with MetArt I hope to see more of Aza in the future.Thank You Aza and Alex Iskan for a lovely debute series :) As well as MetArt too :)

raehmli I noticed it too ! in Image #6 It looks like a fish going down between her legs i certainly hope not as a female i don't mind tattoo's on some models like Mila A but since this one is so big it would really ruin her lovely body :(

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Can't imagine a tattoo being any more ruinous to a lovely body than Photoshopping it to death.

It does sort of look like a fish, ha ha. Amazing Photoshop work to remove it for #40. Well, I happen to think tattoos are very unfortunate, but using the word "ruin" is a bit extreme. But I for one, will be happy when they are not popular anymore.

Anyway, Aza is hot, she's gorgeous, who would throw her out of bed?

lol That happiness may never be yours Red. The popularity of 'them' is not declining, but in fact the opposite is true...;o)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

U wish :-)

"ruin her lovely body"??? That's B.S. rags!!

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Would you believe "airbrushing" with Photoshop :-?

What are you people trying to do to me?!! An old guy can only stand so much before he has to have his pacemaker replaced! My God!

Oh, I know what it is. You know my subscription is about run out and you figure Aza will make me re-subscribe, right? Well, a few more galleries like this might make me a lifetime member!

A beautiful girl with an ass that won't quit! I gotta lay down again ....

  • clay
  • 9 months ago:

If by lay dowm u mean beat the meat I must agree lol

She's AMAZING!!!
But, where's her tatoo? Why cut off in Photoshop?

Her tat has been removed because it's considered a "blemish" by the small minded.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Whatever the reason, it's abusive of photography, software, the model, and MetArt viewers.

The "small minded" as you put it prefer to see the radiant beauty of a naked female without having to look at her chosen piece of tatty "artwork" which is often extremely distracting from the main event. Don't ridicule those who far more discerning taste than you sir!!!

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

The radiant beauty of a naked female as seen through Photoshop cloning paint. Lovely!

Everyone here has the freedom to look at anything they desire to see, and not look at anything that offends them rufus. If you're distracted or offended by tattoos, don't look at the models that have them...real simple. Just don't insult the model that has them or someone's likely to defend her. And there is no one who far more discerning taste that I sir!! ;o)

Drop the bullshit, Rock. Disliking tattoos is not a sign of small-mindedness, it's a sign of disliking tattoos. Calling people names because they don't agree with you, however…

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Yeah, but what about giving "airbrushing" a pass? Maybe not small-minded -- just dumb.

It seems to me that it's an "if the shoe fits..." situation sailor, not name calling.

"small-minded" = the 99% who don't think they're an improvement upon the original.

small minded=thinking the model's tats were intended to "improve" upon ANYTHING, and that they shouldn't have them because "boo hooo...we don't like them..."

And all the wailing and gnashing of teeth is going to change what???

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

The Photoshop abuse, we hope?
Don't get your hopes up! :-(

No, by the accurate—especially on women like this. There is nothing even remotely sexy or decorative about them. I've never seen one that enhanced the beauty of the wearer. We've had this debate in the recent past. At some crude level, tattoos are self-expression, I suppose. But the expression is rarely intelligent, tasteful or worth bothering about from the viewer's perspective.

Mia Sollis, e.g., is a beautiful woman who has fucked up a beautiful back with a gigantic tattoo of a scene from the Kama Sutra. What the hell are we supposed to take from that? That she likes sex? There's a news flash. That the Kama Sutra contains great Hindu art? Debatable, but any greatness vanishes somewhere between the book and Mia's back. The tattoo is interesting for a minute or two—tops—but it sits there for a lifetime. Disliking tattoos has nothing to do with small-mindedness (that's just insulting) and everything to do with taste.

" But the expression is rarely intelligent..." THAT'S insulting!! And more than a bit arrogant.

Maybe, but true.

I'm sure the girls that have them appreciate your "truth"...

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Hearing it was part of the risk they took. And after all, what are they doing on this site if they're afraid of discovering that somebody doesn't like their tattoo?
Look at what some people say about a girl who lets her bush or whatever grow. Is mocking body hair OK, but criticizing tats not?

A woman has the right to do what she wants to with her body, but I think the term "tramp stamp" fits perfectly....I too dislike (bordering on hate) tattoos. I have yet to see one improve the looks of a woman.

Ummmm...I don't think they get the tats to "improve their looks"...

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

"they"? Are you speaking for all of them?

Amen, Rock. Women get tattoos for the same reason men get them, I suspect... in other words, very many different reasons.
Each person who gets themselves tattooed has their own reason. Each tattoo has its own relevance ~ to the person who bought and wears it.

Who cares why they get them?

The person who gets the tattoo cares.
And in my book, that's really all that matters.

Blah blah blah... It has everything to do with the models "free choice" to decorate her body with whatever she sees fit! What's the benefit in telling her that it sucks?? You can't believe that ANY of the models that have them care a bit about what we think...can you?? It seems that "freedom" has different meanings to all of us. Are you just as much against silicone implants, or are those ok because they "enhance" the body, according to your "taste"? "Small minded" may have been a bit harsh...how about "narrow minded"?? Or "old fashioned"...? Or "obsolete"??

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

See my comment about body hair above.
I find it remarkable that you defend tats but have been pretty censorious when a girl lets her natural body hair be.

No one's denying her her fucking freedom of expression. She can cover herself with the Wreck of the Hesperus ( like Lydia the Tattooed Lady immortalized by Groucho Marx) if she wants to. That doesn't mean that the thing expressed won't be stupid and tasteless. Most are these days. That's the nature of pop culture. The tattoo on Mia Sollis's back is tasteless, so is the one on Katie A's foot. The one on Indiana's lower back is less obtrusive and more cutsie-poo, but basically it's unfortunate too. All three are beautiful women who would be more beautiful without their tattoos.

As far as I'm concerned, tattoos are a fad like bell-bottoms or disco music—and they're sure as hell not new. They've been around for millennia, the historic sign of primitive societies. They have no claim whatsoever on modernity. Stop calling names and insulting people who don't agree with you. Our critiques of tattoos are in the same nature as critiques of dress or hairdos.

BTW, except for their use in post-operative breast surgery, silicone implants are right down there, just below tattoos.

1. Do you call dresses and hairdos "stupid and tasteless". I've never seen that.
2. You call them a "fad" like bell-bottoms, and with the same breath you say they've been around "for millenia"... Isn't that self-contradicting?
3. I only insult people that insult the models, for any reason.

If there's ANYTHING offensive about a model, why not just LEAVE the set and go to something else... It's the "civil" thing to do.

I agree 100% Sailor.

rachsback, we are only expressing opinions here. No need to be so critical of people who think tats are unfortunate. The small ones are tolerable, but yes some of us think the large ones detract from a woman's beautiful body. Just an opinion, don't get all riled up about it! And yes, you are correct, the young models don't care what we think, but it does have an impact on their modeling career. I'm guessing the age bracket of most MetArt subscribers is past the age where tattoos are a given.

Everyone certainly has a right to their opinion on the subject Red, and to 'voice' it here, but what "riles me up" is when those opinions become 'tat bashing' and very insensitive remarks are made about them and the attitude that the model has no right to do this to HER body and offend our 'conformist' sensibiliies. And as far as an impact on their modeling careers, you'd have to ask one of them, but I doubt that it has a negative effect other than in this country....and possibly England. You've given me pause to re-evaluate and I'll try to be more civil in the future...;o)

Hi Sailor as a female i totaly agree with you about tattoo's on models just as Mia sollis's large Kama Sutra tattoo along the back of her shoulders (mind you it may look nice on a guy) just as Malena Morgan's ugly tattoo's between her thighs i did'nt mind Mila A's tattoo on her belly button it enhanced that lovely body of hers :) I don't mind tattoo's or woman on models as long as they are tasefull and well hidden within both their photoshoots or movies as for Aza as per my comment about her lovely debute series if she has that large fish between her lovely thighs it may ruin her modeling career in the future to come ! Arina G has one inside the wrist of her hand Stating "Friendly As Ever" its nice but well hidden and you correct on the point it all has to do with one's taste and i'm not getting into that old argument again either! and there's no way my daughter is going to get one either !!! Sailor you hit the nail on the head with this reply of yours i knew this would rear its ugly head again ! Cheers Sailor :(

Thanks, rags. BTW when my daughter was little, we didn't have to worry about tattoos, but body piercing was starting to spread beyond Punk culture. I told her that she couldn't have any, not even pierced ears, until she was 16. After that, she could do whatever she liked. Her 16th birthday passed and nothing happened. Finally, she had her ears pierced around age 20. That was it. As long as you don't give a kid something to rebel against, she won't.

rags...I guarantee you that when your daughter is old enough to make her own decisions, if she wants a tattoo, she WILL have one! It's called "freedom".

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

What I find just as offensive as the "Photoshopping" of a tattoo -- make that more so -- is the painting over in software of shaven armpit and pubic hair. Which this particular photographer seems addicted to. And he is supported in that by a lot of "co-dependents" -- everybody including MetArt management who lets his abuse of photography go on and on.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Oh, and btw, as I have stated elsewhere, as long as a tat is easily removed when one's had enough of it, I have no real problem with it. But usually they're more like permanent -- and this can cause a serious problem.

Many beautiful pics of a very impressive new model!

A very nice debut! I like Aza's eyebrows, downy hair, bubble butt, and prominent inner labia. Thanks Aza and Alex for a great collaboration!

JEEZUS! I'M ONLY HUMAN! First Vittoria and now this! Aza is our daily nuclear Ukrainian, making as seismic an entrance as anyone in memory. She reminds me of girls I knew in high school. I lived in an area with a large Jewish population, and every once in a while someone like Aza would come along, leaving a trail of tongue-tied guys with pecker tracks on their chinos. I'm not sure any those girls measured up to this goddess—a flawless body on a 5'9" frame with enough points of scenic interest to inflame every oral fantasy I've ever had. She knows it, too. The first line of her bio says, "I am a very sexy woman." 10x10x10 and then some.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

If "flawless", why all the Photoshopping?
Or IOW, how could we know it's flawless?
Certainly not by looking at MetArt images.

Sailor I'm going to nominate you for the next poet laureate.

Yes! Met Art's very own poet laureate. I love it!
Sailor, you've got my vote.

Yeah, I noticed her bio too... she's got it, and she's fully aware of that!

Self-aware doesn't necessarily mean "self-centered". And it's possible that there was something lost in translation. It would be easy to confuse some similar words - she may have meant "I am a very sexual woman". Which is nice.

"I love to walk through the crowds and see the glances of men in my direction." THIS is what prompted my remark.

Actually I thought she sounded a bit self-centered...

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Some of these babes would be better off not saying anything :-)

Are you planning on marrying her? She can be as self-centered as she wants so long as she keeps showing us that body as far as I'm concerned. Who CARES if she's self-centered?? This isn't the Miss America Pageant. She doesn't have to be virtuous, just naked. And if being self-centered helps her keep making those "fuck me" eyes at the camera while she spreads her legs she can be the most unbearable bitch on planet earth for all I care. I love how moralistic a bunch of people who pay money to stare at tits can be sometimes...

That was a statement of opinion, not a judgement. Calm down...

She did, but WTH, this isn't about her character. : )

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Well, yes, but character is somewhat revealed by pictures. And the more you have of her, the more who she is is revealed.
They're worth a thousand words, right? Times whatever :-)

No it isn't about her character... It's about remarks made in reference to her bio copy.

No, "this" is MetArt. It's about her body and not much else.

It's actually about whatever you care to take from it...

I am enchanted by these photos. Aza is absolutely gorgeous, and I am so glad that she is here on Met Art. I would like to welcome her, and invite her back as soon and as often as possible!

What a month for 'Presenting' sets! First Silviann, then Erica, Magali, Viola, Margarita and Cathleen, now Aza, and November still isn't over...

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