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As has been pointed out already this photographer, and others, are LOUSY they don't seem to be able to focus on what is between a girl's legs even when offered a brilliant sequence by a good model. This is why I am leaving MetArt for good THEY ARE NOT BLOODY WELL WORTH IT ANY MORE! Too many Useless photographers. And look out folks - I am leaving on July 7th 14 and they started strangling my downloads on June 30th. So I shan't be back, MetArt can stuff it!

Photographically,I don't like this set so much. They sometimes seem for me rather drawings or paintings than photos.


Aza sweet azzz!!

good job !(i hate photoshop when too visible)

While I would not agree with seadog that this is trash, I do wish Leonardo would realize how infuriating it is to go through a series like #55 through 61 and every single one of them her pussy is out of focus. Not ONE shot where he changed the focus! (Yes, I know, later he does some close-ups) Really, a woman's eyes are enticing and seductive, I get that, but can't you mix it up a bit? When a naked woman is spreading her legs like that, it's unfathomable that you would insist on leaving her pussy out of focus on so many shots. That said, Aza is a true gem, can't fault her one single bit. She was doing HER job flawlessly.

And there in lies the difference between men and women. Men tend to want to look at women's vaginas. Women, in general have no interest in seeing the penis of men they don't have intimate relations it seems. I think that's what causes so many dick picture scandals. Men simply don't realize the reverse is untrue.

I like the set well enough, but there are far too many shots where the model isn't nude. The number should be zero pictures maximum.

Nice to see Aza again. I am enchanted by her beautiful face. There are no words that would do justice to her legs and butt though.

Spectacular bubble butt!

Those are some major thighs and buttocks, she would be one wild ride!!

Another very hot model from the Ukraine. We can always use more of them if they are NOT shot by Leonardo, who has messed this up worse than the shoot of Kamlyn yesterday where he demonstrated he doesn't know how to shoot night photos, which can be VERY erotic, done correctly. Here he demonstrates he doesn't have any taste in costume or background color. I refer you to Alex Iskan's Presenting Aza. I really don't know how he stays in business,or why K buys trash like this

My goodness, she possesses some magnificent buttocks.

I enjoyed this set, but I can tell that most of the poses used were to minimize seeing (and thereby having to edit out) the large tattoo Aza has on her abdomen. Just a glimpse of the top of it in #78, and in her first set in #6. The editing job was better than usual, but it is still distracting to what is otherwise a good set with a great model.

Exceptionally I prefer the hotter set of

... Alex Iskan!

Thought I loved her after the "presenting" shoot, but here she shines.
And absolutely does everything Sailor said !! :)

I cannot begin to count how many major food groups this stunning woman represents. She just drips zaftig eroticism—pure, delicious lust!

  • 2 years ago:

She is pretty damn hot! That ass is working overtime.

...all the important ones, Sailor!

well, yes she has it all...

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