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Aza, you're so damn hot that it's downright painful to look at you!!!

I have to disagree with you, though....you're not a sexy woman, you ARE sex. If I look up the word "sex" in the dictionary, the definition is a 10 page fold-out photo of YOU!

Thanks for bringing out the beast in me. :)

sexy girl with a beautiful ass. Ukraine genes rule

shes a dream girl

;-) Gee ... bear baiting sure is fun! Can't see why it was outlawed. Kinda like fishing for sharks by chumming the waters!

One can't help but wonder what the color of the sky is in Doug's world. Maybe he should either rent or buy a camera, contract with a couple of models and open his own website to show us poor suckers just how it's done.

Come on Doug! Who died and made you the PhotoShop police? i don't think I've ever seen your postings on a set where you haven't gone off on a tear about this or that. Seldom is anything said about how you like the model or the set.

Accept the photo sets for what are presented. When it's truly a bad set, compositionally or technically photographed badly, then yes, express your opinion. But, as I'm sure many already realize, you've built yourself a soap box as tall as any worldly monument and, from what it seems, enjoy shouting from the mountain top to the "poor, ignorant masses" with the hope of educating the lesser of the earth.

Everyone knows this content is PhotoShopped to a greater or lesser degree with more or less competence.

And don't give us that crap that "... well, I PAID for GREAT content and COMPETENT photography and i deserve to get it." If you didn't like the content so much, how come you keep hanging around? You remind me of the the two old guys up in the balcony in the Muppets shows - nothing's ever to your liking. Get a life outside of viewing porn for a while.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

You haven't read much of my stuff, Arkie!
Look me up. Click on my name. Have fun :-)
Absolutely I'm a critic. Always have been here, from the very start.
I joined for one girl; when I believe she's done, I'm outta here :-)
In the meantime, don't you think all the lousy photoshopping and boring sameness needs to be pointed out and criticized?
Guess not! Everybody knows it already!
In any event, they opened up comments and asked us to tell us what we think, so here you and I are, speaking our minds.
Don't let me stop you! As for myself, I expect to continue saying what I think when I'm moved to as long as possible.
I would hope it'll do some good :-)
Of course you are under no obligation to read it :-)

On the contrary, I HAVE read your "stuff" - hard, if not impossible, for EVERYONE not to have read your "stuff" if they read the comments section.

"...don't you think all the lousy photoshopping and boring sameness needs to be pointed out and criticized?"

Two ideas there rolled into one there. First, the photoshopping is a TECHNICAL aspect. Some people are good at it, some aren't. "Pointed out" sure, but your postings take it to a whole new beating the corpse with a stick then kicking it a couple of times before setting it on fire then throwing the remains in the river kind of level. In many cases, general observers won't elevate their level of microscopic examination to what you've taken it to.

Second, "boring sameness" is a personal preference and yes, some photgs either get into habit of overusing the multiple framing aspect of digital shooting or just do it because that's the way they're used to shooting and lack some imagination in their shooting style.

As to "guessing" what me and, by extension, everyone else is thinking, you're certainly making dangerous assumptions there.

I don't begrudge you the right to speak your mind, just the manner in which you do it could be toned down a bit - again a bit like going to the top of the mountain and screaming and shouting until the entire world knows.

As for for your wishes that your comments "[will] do some good." look at them. Have they?

Finally, if I choose to read the comments (and many members DO) then, by forced inclusion, the system forces me to scroll down through your rantings to see what other members have said. The system isn't set up to allow members to selectively block their viewing of other members' comments to get to other content.

Your comments about tat removal and MA "getting more real" and the following postings alluding to "integrity", they're probably best addressed to the MA people, not the photog. Those comments make it sound like it's the photographer's purview to display or remove the offending tat. Best probably address in e-mail to the MA higher-ups than to loosely tack it onto comments addressed to photogs (as you have in the past).

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Talk about ranting, arkie :-)
"photoshopping": I'll tell you again what I mean by that: the often deliberate painting over of body hair and other skin details, including tats.
I won't stop ranting about it until I don't see it.
I want photographic quality at 100% on my display.
I want a photograph, not a painting.
"boring sameness" -- 99% or so shaved/waxed.
How 'bout a real bush etc more than once a year?
I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get my point...
You might wish me to keep my offensive comments private, but I want as many people as possible to think about what I'm saying.
I am pushing for change, and always have here, as I've said.
It's a long hard slog, as one ex-gov official was fond of noting.
And of course it's gonna rub some people the wrong way.
Ask yourself, arkie, why it does you.
Could it be because I'm telling truths that hurt your ears?

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Wouldn't have to risk photoshopping if you'd let her tat be.
All part of getting more real, MA :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

An image such as 9 is spoiled by it.
I bet you would find that if you simply had to accept the set of a tattooed girl because she was so hot, plenty of members would support letting her tattoo be -- they would have confidence that they were actually seeing reality they're attracted to.
Gonna take some re-jiggering of the old noggin tho -- a new notion of integrity.
As it is now, you have to kill it in order to save it :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

100: not even a tat to remove there, and you still photoshop the hair, as if it's too much for our eyes.
Integrity? Zero.

Aha! A new favorite!

I'd like to shuck her oyster!

There are at least two more *uck things I'd like to do.

My god, she is so confident. Her presence is almost coming through the photos. She is so sexy, I always love looking at the girls on met, but I hardly ever get 'aroused' if you know what i mean. but this girl...damn. She gave me hard on that could have cut glass!

My god she is stunningly gorgeous; what a great view to come home to, oh that bum. Thank you for photo-shopping the tattoo out that she was showing in the first set before getting edited out. Hope she sees sense and gets it removed permanently. Aesthetically accentuated without it; grotesquely devalued with it.

Yer an idiot!

Ok fishes, today in class we will learn how to accentuate without existing. Now - stop squirming in your seats - pay attention so you can see sense. Immunity from logic has always been a trait of creatures piscatory.
Now there is an important question to consider beforefin. Is removal from reality permanent? The answer: temporary non existence is always better than permanent non existence. Who wants to to risk permanently swimming around as a grotesque shadow of one's former self?
Now some fishes don't understand the importance of piscatory existentialism. Some fishes lazily devalue themselves by imagining that life would be better existing. They simply jump right after that inky goldfish to follow it to its goal. Those poor fishes imagine the goal is fishy, when it truly is not.

These pictures leave me dreaming of what her full bush would look like. The stubble tells the story of what could be. She's still a beautiful girl.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

It would be huge. Too big for MA :-)

What is the big idea of covering your nice ass with your hands? Very distracting and annoying.

Absolutely exquisite!!

Today, Aza will be inducted into "The Magnificent Ass Hall Of Fame". There will be a brief private ceremony this afternoon lasting about 30 seconds. All other admirers are invited to cum, as well. We are hoping Aza will appear to accept the award personally.

Aza will be honored by joining the other inductees of this esteemed society. They include Jenni A, Hannah B, Adry, Idoia, Asis, and Kloe Kane, to name just a few.

All of us at "TMAHOF" wish Aza continued success.

(Due to the extreme excitement of the ceremony, the event may occur prematurely of the time announced.)

OK, let's come out and get something out in the open. The reason why we like looking at these women is to imagine them real and here with us. Now that I have gotten that off my chest. I do not care what you want to call the style of photography of these pics. When it comes right down to it, it's like looking at pics through the eyes of someone who needs glasses. This could have been an outstanding set of photos, instead it is one I am leaving hoping the next is better!

I love Aza's proportions... such a womanly body united to an exquisitely pretty face. ( :

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