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Aza has a 39 measurement for her delicious ASS. What an inviting ass. One of the best on this website. Her ass is so fuckable. I could lick and pound that big round ass for hour.

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Photographer/set designer really do an outstanding job of making the most of this model's potential. REALLY enjoyable.

EVEN BETTER FOR ME: Nothing comes to mind. :)

Actually, I think Aza is beautiful all over, which definitely cover her bottom.Also, the shoot is indoors,which means Leonardo does not have trouble with sunlight Aza gets a 10+++

Excellent. 10+. Very sexy and beautiful, especially Aza's ass. She is one of the most attractive girls on met-art. Her ass alone is 10+. Keep those back side and sideways shots coming. I do not understand why this set has a low score (8.59).

I don't think I'd call 8.59 low (and by now, it's up to 8.65), but I would agree this is a truly lovely set.

Pic 21 is my favorite & it doesn't even include her best feature - that magnificent rump.

Aza's face and body are a delight for the senses, but the way that her personality, sexuality and presence come through in these photos is what makes them art to me. Stunning.



oh my LORD...

Her bottom reminds me of a lyric from a Prince song, '...I bet if you threw her ass up in the air it would turn into sunshine...'

I wonder if Prince derived his lyrics that from the old phrase "blowing sunshine up your ass" LOL

Ha ha! Thanks for making me laugh, Snake! That is one AWESOME quote!

Aza is an angel!! Would love to see a lot more pics or vids of her hot legs and feet!

This set certainly got my attention, and the attractive, curvy Aza is now on my radar.

Absolutely perfect hindquarters... and that face is so captivating... dark, deliciously sweet...

Mu goodness, she is supremely callipygian.

Yes Checkers, she sure is.

BTW did you guys know that there is an artwork called the 'Venus Callipyge' (the Venus with the beautiful buttocks)? Aza's magnificent bum is far more callipygian though!

Is that anything like "The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies" by Renee Artois ?

Thanks for the new vocabulary word, Checkers. Now, practicing the pronunciation will be my special task today. ( :

I agree with fer_realz.....thank you Checkers! One word I have never used....but definitely admire:))

cal-li-pyg-i-an (adj.) from Greek kallipugos

def: having a beautifully proportioned buttocks

No doubt coined by Caligula... ;o)


Boy oh boy, Aza has a spectacular derriere! I also appreciate her eyebrows, love handles, downy hair, interesting eyes, and lovely labia. I would sum her up as a sultry bombshell.

Much appreciation to both Aza and Leonardo.

I can only assume that the term 'love handles' doesn't mean the same thing to you that it does to me. I understand it to be a jovial or affectionate term for a roll of fat around the side of waist, and she doesn't have anything like that.

58, 59, 64, 65, 83

Quite the bombshell, indeed! BOOM! There it is! ( :

Asa does a tremendous job of selling you on a fantasy of being with her in this set. Not only has she mastered the bedroom eyes, but she wonderfully positions her body in nearly each picture is such a way that communicates sexual energy, a "I want you inside me" vibe. Some of the lighting looks accidental, but Leonardo makes it work more times than not. This is a gorgeous young lady.

And that ass is working overtime. Very stimulating.

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