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Absolute Perfection.

  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

perfect albert varin & aza
I wish every set had these poses: MORE PLEASE !!!

Gorgeous model (one of my favorites), horrible lighting. What a shame. This entire set could have been so much better...

Dammit; missed one!!

But she really needs to learn how to smile & work to the camera. The few shots with half-smiles are nice enough but so much more could be made of them. But all-in-all a very nice set.

Glad to see another Varin set of Aza. This guy is "in the zone"!! And of course Aza is "out of this world" gorgeous!! I hope Albert shot the majority of Aza sets here at Met... His are the best in my opinion.

Albert really has it goin' right now. Aza is smokin' hot in this one.

Aza looks so beautiful in her entire body and face!!

My Met-Art "Model de Jour".

Stick a pillow under her stomach, fine ass in the rear and have a GREAT time for the next hour!!!!

Just an hour? Lightweight!

Aza nas a stunning rear view,and Varin has remembered that.Too meny sets are shot without a fully developed view of the model's back, and Aza does have a very sexy back to go with the sexy front view.The set is also geared to display Aza's personal coloring (Hair,eyes,skin) which also help with her self-confidence shown by starting nude. I gave Varin and Aza a 10+++

What an incredible ass!!

I know, it shouldn't be possible for an ass to be that perfect!

Each set from Aza gets better, but I thought it would be darn near impossible to do better than her last set......I have been proven wrong.

Super sexy and damn what a hot bottom

This is a very sexy woman. She has an ASS!!! It has a shape! She is not skinny!!!
Why does the Photographer not see that? Why are not more pictures taken that show that? Just standing straight! A nice skirt to highlight the curves!!!
Beautiful woman wasted by a blind photographer. Let me do the shoot! I know I could do better.

Find your glasses...things will look different ;o)
And are you suggesting putting clothes ON the "naked girl"?? And there's not enough pictures of her ASS!?? Absolutely you can do the next one! You seem to have some GREAT ideas...:o|

Rock, I think Ed is talking about simple standing poses, and if so, I would agree that Albert should throw a couple in next time - one front and one back. I like seeing the full figure of a woman, those hourglass curves, and Aza has them.

I do not agree with Ed beyond that, I think this is a great set and Albert does a super job.

Agreed, she is absolutely delightful.

Sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to fer_realz.

A fine new set by Met's most supremely callipygian model. Glad to see her photographers recognize her wonderful assets and take plenty of photos.


It seems that a bodacious bootie has been appreciated for a long time. And back then at least one photographer chose a pose to best display it.


Too bad he didn't choose an "attractive" one...;o)

"Bodacious" is putting it mildly for THAT one! LOL

That seems like contradictory statements now that I confirmed the "exact" meaning of "bodacious"... LMAO! D'OH!!

Are you replying to me or yourself?

urbandictionary.com has 4 pages of bodacious definitions, which did you use to confirm the exact meaning?

I used the one that said "excellent, admirable, or attractive..." in the New Oxford American on my desk, which also gives the origin.

But if there's four pages of definitions ANYWHERE, chances are I used it correctly!! What I meant to say was that was one big nasty looking "bootie" that you gave us that link to...;o) Not at all what I was hoping for!! LOL And I sincerely hope that is NOT a "photograph"...

What I like so much about Aza's body is that even though her bottom is so markedly abundant, it isn't out of proportion to the rest of her body. ( :

That's what I call a "wrestler's body" and ALL I can think about is wrestling with her!! I love everything about Aza, especially that sweet expressive face.

Oh, and she has the gorgeous face to match that gorgeous body as well. ( :

Spoiler alert ~ there might be some DANGER Will Robinson!

Regardless, Aza has so many physical features that resonate with me that I am most pleased with this visit; as I wistfully consider what could be. . .

Oh boy, I could eat that rear all day .wow . xx

It's like a lovely tasty apple.

One of my favorite models presented in perfect clarity/ HD! Thank you Albert. Hugs and kisses to Aza. OXOXOX

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