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so if I see a tat I deduct from the model, while if some see an airbrush they deduct from the photographer. Clearly tats are a mistake.

I myself make deductions for a model' s grammar and for shoe size of the photographer.

1 + 1 = 3 is a mistake. Even if I decide it suits my preference. Preference not = correctness.

Clearly, the people who get tats (myself included!) do not feel the same way you do. ( :

It's probably just me, but if you look @ frames 27 & 37, Aza it seems, looks very much like a smaller-breasted, slightly more heavyset version of Helen H (not that that's a bad thing) either way for either of these two women. It seems as though Aza has those kind of hypnotic eyes that could stare right through you in a second if she so wanted.

Exquisite!! Perfect size...thank you.

Beautiful sensuous woman - magnificent buttocks and thighs..

Another fine set of our superbly callipygian model. Such a delight to see, and I love the top-with-no-bottoms look.

Our artist manages to use a wide palette of cool blues and black with contrasting warm (very!) effect. Surely worth a nomination for superior background.
A fine choice of shirt -it may have provided potential for posterior positioning.
An artist might give a show of creative talent with a series with a model always in contact with that little soft fuzzy blue chair.

Is not Aha! always a revelation?

It is a fine background, flattering for the very sexy Aza.

The best ass in the world is back!

Pretty Aza has one of the best buttocks in MetArt.


Pretty Aza has one of the best buttocks in MetArt.

I think this young lady has the most magnificent bottom on MA. I love her proportions overall. Again, simply magnificent.

The knowing smile, teasing with those beautiful eyes, Viagra has
nothing on this delicious captivating model. She makes me melt.

Cheers to Leonardo for starting her off at least partially clothed,
it help builds the anticipation!

Viagra supposed to make you do the opposite of "melt":)))

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