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Nice job! Aza looks so thick and juicy! Need a lot more please.

Yes, Aza is a very sexy young woman.

Yes, Aza is a very sexy young woman.

Disappointing. Aza has the best derrière on the site - why not let us see more of it?

Words are extraneous... It's all about the feeling. The emotion.

rachsback ....Words are extraneous... It's all about the feeling. The emotion.

Whatever you say ... just out of interest .... what are you feeling? ... The emotion ... WHAT Emotion ...

At the moment.....amusement at the bottom feeders.

Another great set of this beautiful sexy young babe

Never tire Aza's sensuous eyes & those sumptuous buttocks and thighs....

10/10 & lots more please

Mouth watering pussy!


Having already remarked multiple times on Aza's profoundly beautiful hind end, I will say that the big disappointment of this set is that we only got peeks below her beautiful labia at a tantalyzingly creamy treat. It would have been nice had she spread them for us, I'm sure her butterfly is beautiful.
Other than that, I am still entranced by her warm brown eyes, her wonderfully sensuous face and her perfectly sized and shaped breasts. I think Aza has a home here at MetArt for as long as she wants to keep coming back.

She is supremely callipygian, and I'm always ready to mention that, though this set emphasizes that fact less than her others. She's so gorgeous in other ways that I don't mind missing it a little bit this time.

Checkers (She is supremely callipygian), the word callipygian for all us porn loving pervs means

.....pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks;......

So she is just buttocks....

I think you are just talking Bollocks!

I hope I'm not mistaken, LBL, but saying "Aza is callipygian" means "Aza has finely developed buttocks." Saying she's "supremely" so emphasizes that enthusiasm.

Either way, she has a tremendous ... enthusiasm. :)

Sure would love to have her in bed next to me. Wow

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