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Nice that everyone is gushing about the set, but I found too many shots like 105 where her pussy is blurry. Yes, her face is gorgeous, focus on her eyes for sure, but there were only a paltry one or two where her amazing labia were in focus. For those of you who think I'm too focused on genitalia, may I point out that she has removed her panties and her legs are far apart in nearly every shot. So I don't think what's going on down there should be irrelevant, and out of focus in the vast majority of shots. I'm just sayin'...

I have complained about this since becoming a subscriber. It's never done any good. Maybe another voice will help... It's something that occurs in many sets. I find that "most" artists are in the habit. It's always been very frustrating.

Dear K

when a model opens her legs wide, this means she is not shy to expose her genitals. i think this part of her body needs to be in focus. if she agrees to expose her genitals, then we should see clearly.

hi K

not only her genitals are out of focus, the whole set is out of focus. i could not see clearly her nipples. is it soft focus again???????

The blue lighting in this set is perfect for Aza,I cannot think offhand of a better setting.Aza is a perfect model who has responded perfectly to this setting,and this is the best reason I can Think of for my constantly saying that Leonardo should avoid sunlight for his work. I gave a 10++++ to both

A crime occurred in 25.
I wish never again to see that white checkered blue light cast onto a background.
I wish again and again to think, "Aha, another visit by Aza."
Some decent poses in a space that seems unfriendly to posing.
Good Photographer adopts a bad habit of anotheR with the bunched up fabric around the waist. It is a testament to the glorious form of our model that curvaceous line is never in peril.

Speaking of curve, I have noticed the term "popka" (No, Checker! Not "polka"!). Before deciding to add this to The Magwich Manual of Recommended Descriptive Vocabulary, I would invite comment. I note a couple of potential problematicalisms. If one were to introduce a Perfect Popka Club, confusion could arise. Also, from my limited understanding of the origin of "popka", trollfood risk is a concern. The recent regrettable return of referring to plucked poultry presents the possibility of renewed activity from an unwelcome direction.

Weigh in, fellows, if you would.

If bored, google popka for some entertaining imagery.

We are quite fortunate here in that most of the models I could imagine for the one PP Club would qualify as well for the other.

The plunder of the plucked poultry pundit is said to be near a close. :)))

Is that a promise??? ;o)

I can't promise anything, just what I heard.

"Entertaining" to say the least!! If you click on "images", there is, lo and behold, a pic of our Lily next to a pool...from liveinternet in Russia! LOL
Thanks for the heads-up! That WAS/IS very entertaining!!

Btw... Use "popka" at your own risk...lol I imagine it WILL generate quite a bit of discussion...and googling LOL
As far as a "club"....go fer it!!

Great job! Aza is so adorable! Nice ass, puss and feet! Would love more please.

☑ Exotic beautiful face
☑ plenty of ass
Aza is a keeper!

What an adorable face with such an inviting gaze and tempting lips. Oh what a sumptuous pussy. How I love a strong set of legs. A great series of back shots.


Somewhere, someone has been behind Aza on a sidewalk, or in a store, enjoying the breathtaking view as she walked around in a nice-fitting pair of jeans, or in heels and a dress, and thought, "I'd love to see her naked." Well, I've seen her naked, and now, I'd like to see her sauntering around in jeans, or a dress. Time for a video.

Totally gotta agree with you on this, Mincer... it would be lovely to see this gorgeous young lady in motion, in her everyday clothes to start out.

I agree also. Need to have a set with Aza in jeans as soon as possible.

A stunning beauty of the highest order, a true goddess

Aza is just magnificent! Some amusing "screen shots" on the tele in a few photos! LOL Nice location, good lighting. Nice set.

As always, Aza is totally stunning!

The eyes, the lips, the breasts & those magnificent buttocks and thighs. A vivacious and very sexy woman


As always Aza is totally stunning!

The eyes, the lips, the breasts and those magnificent buttocks and thighs - what a sexy girl

The primary focus of this set is ~ as it should be ~ Aza's spectacularly erotic face. This lady is a queen and she knows it. Much has been written about her other features, justifiably, but this set is a celebration of the pure raw power of a beautiful face.

Well put. As fond as I am of her rump, it is not her most distinguishable feature.

Um, well, blush, ahem. As much as all features may be queenly, I can't bring myself to say that any, though perhaps equal, actually surpass the one.

Absolute divine ass. Pink Pussy Perfect

a gorgeous model.i love her boobs and shaved pussy. i love her curvy ass and would love to kiss these cheeks. a nice set.

That ass , that ass
My kingdom for that ass.

Best that your "kingdom" be as glorious as that ass!! ;o)

Not likely, but how one might wish.


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