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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:


She reminds me of a younger Neve Campbell.

She also reminds me a bit of Meghan Markle from "Suits".

I'm reminded that one can desire something to the point of making it painful... Not to say that I would be that "one"...(again!) ;o)

Sure, Rock, whateva you say!!! :D

Awesome Aza - what a babe..

The buttocks the thighs & those beguiling eyes....

Panties and some pubic growth would be nice in the next one!

Even in the opening shots with her clothes on, Aza is affecting me! There is just something about her that oozes sexuality from top to (!)bottom. Her alluring expressions have you dreaming what it would be like to spend a night with her, because you know she has to be one fantastic lover. And then there is that wonderful spankable bottom! Damn, Aza, look what you do to me!

Ha ha!
Spankable... kissable... caressable... in any order. ( :
Oh, then repeat. ( ;

...come to think of it, she'd be a joy to spoon with, afterwards. Mmmm hmmmmm.

DANGER Will Robinson!

Proceed if you must. Just be forewarned that in spite of an obvious ability to grow pubes, Aza does not favor us with evidence. You WILL be treated to some views of my favorite type of pussy, incredible eyebrows, a most chewable lower lip, downy hair, an innie, and a delightful derriere.

Thanks to all who contributed to this charming visit.

Warning! Warning! My sensors indicate a dangerous level of lustful desire while viewing Aza!

Aza is very beautiful and seems proud to show it,while Albert Varin is producins a work of art. I love the colors he uses to bring out Aza's beauty

I'll say this about Aza - sheza seriously yummy girl. And thatza fact.

I ❤ Aza's Azz!!!

Images 101-103...WOW

I think you mean 001-120...;o)

From a to z and back again, this girl has it all!! This set is ten TIMES ten!! I'd like to see Aza with her very own site. It would definitely be a dot ORG! And that ain't short for "organization"!! This set is just absolutely stunning! Thanks to K and Albert, and mostly thanks to Aza for allowing us the privilege of gazing upon her magnificence (and drooling profusely!) XOXOXOXOXOXO ;o)

Ten times ten is right, or as seadog would put it, 10+infinity. Aza and Albert certainly scored a home run with me today. I need a beer to cool off these flames.

Gee thanks...I've always thought that his "infinity" shit was pretty stupid...LOL Even the +'s are ludicrous!

My cardiologist tells me to avoid sodium. If he knew about my MetArt subscription, he'd probably add Aza to that list. Oh my, this gorgeous young lady is heart racing, and heart stopping, all at once, if that's even possible.

It MUST be possible!! I'm suffering the same condition, but the "stopping" part is only when I look away!! ;o)

No one revs my engine better than Aza. Shot #13 should be in some kind of hall of fame.

I love Aza's attitude from the very first shot ~ she owns that bottom and seems proud of it. ( :
But to be honest, the set really begins for me when she slips out of those jeans for the nice "bottomless" shots in the white jersey. At that point the set hits 60 and doesn't slow down til the end. The highlight is when she butterflies her dainty labia and lets us peek at the pink between. Luscious... ( :
The relative lack of pink otherwise is offset by her poses highlighting her wonderful proportions and bottom. For a bottom lover, tonight is your night. ( :

Pale colors.. No fresh impression of beautiful skin.

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