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As I write this, Bagira has a model rating of less than 8 and there hasn't been a second set of pictures. Based on the comments, I believe it is not the model's fault in either case. Please give this lovely young lady another chance with a different photographer.

Judging by the reaction, you'd think the photographer had just murdered every poster's mother on here in cold blood with an AR. Wow, take a deep breath and calm down...last time I checked, there's like a billion photosets on MET. By the way, I'm proud to be the only person (clearly in the entire universe) who happens to like this set, and the model.

This is the most stupid and useless set I have ever seen on met-art. Too bad there is no zero rating.

Not one clean shot of those nice breasts without shaving cream. Might as well have clothes on. This is not a tease, it's denial, and I'm paying for this???

Bagira is a totally lovely girl with a great figure and luscious lips. I hope to see her in another photo set...very soon.

This is exactly why I subscribe to a nude art website, to see shaving cream on a model. There wasn't a single shot in the group that I would rate over a 2. Such a damn shame, the model was cute, I wish I could have seen her.

Absolute boring set, not because of the girl

Awful use of this model. Simply don't see any of her due to the soap and suds.

Most stupid set you have every published. The girl is so covered with later that oan't see her. Doesn't even look like soap suds, but rather it looks like shaving lather. Shame on the photographer as she is a pretty girl.

Date published: 12.01.2004
Title: Bodyart
Featuring: Models No Name
Photographer: Verholat

Check out this old metart set of body painting! NOW it is classic, this set today however isn't classic it is just a sorry excuse for art!

Really do a search for "body paint" and have fun! :)

Hmm.. Great looking girl. Kinda silly though, to have her cover herself with shaving cream and not give her a razor to finish what she started.. Not a very appealing set, but he DID get a few good shots of what it seems everybody says they didn't see....(?) No.106 is about as good as it gets in a set like this. The concept sounded good to him I'm sure, but the execution is a bit lacking. Nice tub though!! Like everybody else, I look forward to more of this honey...

Not worth bothering to get undressed for this set. Complete waste and boring.

I ususally keep dressed for most sets on MetArt! :)

I have never liked bathing images - boring.

This would be a great plumbing fixture commercial, not a model debut.

Tail end of the bell curve, this one.

Didn't waste the space on the hard drive! :-/

wouldn't mind seeing her naked

Quite possibly the most stupid concept for a nude photo set I've ever seen. I totally want to see more from this girl but how about just one or two unencumbered nudes next time? Who approves this stuff?

You lot are so boring! Variety is the spice of life! I love it how the 'interesting parts' are free of soap. Keep up the good work. LOve the hairy pussy!

I would rather be thought of as boring by the gullible than be gullible of the boring! :)

Just crap

variety? well that's the point, there isn't any in this set. suds, suds and more suds.

Boaster Erik

Somewhere under all those suds, there's a cute little body.....I'm sure of it. I do like some of the naughty looks that she's giving. and am looking forward to her next set. (Pic #60 could have been awesome, if all the soap wasn't covering her curves).

What a lovely girl, but set completely destroyed by white stuff. You should know better by now Erik.

I expect to see girls not soap bubbles. This one bombed big time.

I hate soap suds, sand and water spray on such gorgeous bodies.
Would have been 9 but 7 .Thanks Erik !!

Very beautiful girl' but I was expecting more from her debut. I hope the following sets are better

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