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Balina is gorgeous, need more please.

Unless you're blind you'd be aware that the majority is politely NOT saying anything nice. Sure Cattleya could have kept quiet, had nothing nice to say.

However this is a pay nude photo site, not some cheerleader section for extremely average women. This isn't an ego building site, and frankly Cattle is spot on. There are some alarmingly average women being foisted upon us, and it's getting old.

Many of the women on here are clearly matter of taste, some may or may not be your cup but are clearly pretty. Some however are truly average by any measure.

Cheer-leading for the average on a pay site is just shooting yourself in the foot.

Sorry, Rev, you're wrong. I try to avoid telling people this, but in this case, you are simply wrong.
There is no such thing as "average."
Sexuality and sexual attraction is a very subjective and private thing; the woman who is unattractive to person # 1 is person # 2's sexual fantasy.
Certainly there is such a thing as "conventional beauty" and there is such a thing as what fashion designers think of as beauty, but there is so much more to sexuality than that.
I for one love the fact that on MA the photographers get the choice of who they want to photograph. Do I always agree that their choice is a great one? Obviously not. But I'd far rather have the diversity and variety we see here on MA than an assortment of women who look very much like each other.
That applies to complexion, skin color, hair color and style and length, makeup (or lack thereof) and physical type.
I think that what most MA photographers go for, and most members respond to, is the models' personality coming through the pictures and I think that in that respect this particular set is a success.

Great post fer_realz.

Yes, indeed. Very well said. Same for you, Browning.

Constructive comments on poses, lighting, attire, etc. are always welcome.

Negative comments made to insult a model should NEVER be posted.

MA is a great site. But these comments are becoming more and more YouTube-like.

( :


I understand what you are saying....and I agree with a good portion of it.
The only time I ever respond to a comment like the one you mentioned is simply to state that the model may read their post.
Why write a hurtful comment....what is the point?

There are many models I'm not a big fan of (some quite popular), but I realize everyone has a different opinion....so I don't comment on these models at all.

How'd you like to unwrap that for Chrismas? Legs and ass are perf!

Nice nipples, areolae, white panties and downy hair.

  • Mg
  • 2 years ago:

Beautiful woman. I think Iskan provides an example of how to masterfully photograph a nude women. He uses the gown in the earlier shots to enhance not inhibit the view. He presents the model in a variety of poses and is sure to present all of her beauty in intimate detail to us. He does not play with light, focus, or color imaging but stresses clarity, sharpness and detail. Bravo!

a face only a mother could love, nice body

Are you related to Cheburator by any chance?? You seem to have the same manners.

Just for the record --

Bet your "kisser" is lovely as well --

Cattle, I think you're vastly outvoted on this one.
I hope you re-think that comment...

Yo -- "fer" --

You made a mistake -- the guy doesn't think at all!!
Otherwise, he would never have made such a tasteless remark.

I'm afraid this site has begun to attract a rather lower class of cretins.

Well, Cattle is certainly exposing himself as cretinous, that's for sure.
Let's hope for improvement ~ there's certainly room for it...

What a tasteless comment! Didn't your mother tell you, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!"
It's different if you're talking about the content, but your remarks are personal, hurtful, and wrong!

You have the right to state this opinion, but why not keep it to yourself???
What is the point of writing something like this when you know the lady could possibly read it???

What a stupid and mean thing to say!

Balina, under the tree, you'd make a wonderful gift.
A trick, in my opinion inadequate, stealing beauty to your beautiful eyes.


Balina's giving us our Christmas present a month early... guess that means Santa thinks we've been good kids. Little does he know...

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