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  • 2 years ago:

I find her to be very attractive with a very exotic beautiful face. The kind of face that stands out in a crowd of everyday faces.

I bet if you walked into a club with her on your arm, heads would turn and eyes would follow her and the discussion would be about how rare of a look she has.

I also think the photo set is a nice set that shows her off very well. Not too artsy and certainly not white flush like so many photo sets are.

Balina is a very pretty girl. I do think the make-up artist went a little heavy on the eyebrow coloring but that's easily fixed. It does not detract from her beauty, She has a pretty face ,great figure,and I think the potential to be a good Met model. This is only her third set.

Cheburator... anyone ever tell you what a plunker you are? We all have a right to our opinion; yes even you however sometimes our opinions ought to remain our own and/or presented with some tact.
You may not be attracted to Balina but you have no reason or right to insult her. She is in my opinion a beautiful woman.

Well said, Ansel. Critiquing a model's looks is one thing, but being downright insolent is just poor form and shows that person up as being the ugly one - ugly in spirit, which is the worst kind of ugly. I also think Balina is a beautiful woman and I certainly wouldn't complain about seeing more of her. So, if you're reading this, Balina, please ignore the troll. Oh and to all of those that gave his comment a thumbs up - shame on you!

I completely agree, Alyssa. He should be ashamed of himself. I only hope that Balina did not see his insensitive comments.

Great eyebrows, a nice smile, puffies, glass cutters and a beautiful big butt; I believe Balina is under rated.

Her body is great...but her face...I'm really sorry...it looks like it had an accidental rendezvous with asphalt pavement some time ago.

You MUST be related to cattleya... Very similar manners and concern for others feelings. Or maybe you thought you were being funny...(?) You weren't.

There is not one girl on this whole site that I would say that about. Very mean spirited comment. Bullshit, really.

Didn't your Mother teach you "if you can't say something nice, shut the fuck up"? The models might read these pages you know.

Sorry but I was deprived of the experience of having a mother.

You weren't deprived the experience of being an asshole, however.


I just ran across your comments, which in my opinion are very disgusting.
I know that sometimes the models on this site, actually read the posts. These are young girls, trying to find their niche. Your insensitive comments are worthy of you being removed from this forum, and also from the MetArt membership.

Yo -- Hipshot -- !!

I'm very put out with you for "up-staging" my previous comment about the jerk's questionable lineage!

This comment section is not a forum for abusing models and such comments show a deep seated anger at women and a disrespect for the same. These are young women just trying to make ends meet and not common street walkers who in my opinion wouldn't even deserve such a comment. There is nothing in a womans world more important than self image and it is unforgivable to harm someone's self esteem simply for your own pleasure. If you don't like a model you should do your talking through the email option and not on the forum. And in my opinion those that gave a thumbs up are even more detestable because they did so from hiding which is even lower than doing it here.

I completely agree, Hipshot131. Very well said, sir.
I just ran across Cheburator's comments. Truly disgusting.

I appreciate Met on many levels, and I can tell from reading some of your posts, that you have a strong appreciation for it as well.

Take care.

From the tone of your comment -- I would say it was the father you couldn't find.

And if you didn't have a mother -- that explains why she didn't strangle you at birth !!

And -- just imagine what people say about you when you're not around. (lol)

Merry Christmas --

That still does not give you the right to be cruel! A--hole!


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