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Well, that building under construction in the background piques my interest.

And the physics of snowboard propulsion on a flat plane would make an interesting lecture series. Indoors.

Balina, our adorable snow bunny, has just set a new standard for winter sets. Excellent photography of this cutie, too. Wow! Thanks, Balina!! (So...can we expect more sets like this in celebration of the winter games? PLEASE?!)

Balina is so perfect. She is amazing and really looks like she was enjoying herself in the snow. hopefully she doesn't catch a cold.

I usually shiver at the thought of the poor model exposed like this but Balina seems quite ok with it and she was dressed appropriately to start out and she did have the suit to lay that lovely body on. Russian ladies are more robust than western girls and it's hard to believe that all those smiles were fake. I have seen college kids playing naked in the snow so I'll just say Salute! Balina, A couple shots of vodka and some hot borscht and she'll be good to go.

Great set guys!

More robust than whose western women? Those of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta? Have the Finns been feeling faint?

A waste of time

Good job, nice model and all is so natural(i hate photoshop)

FUN IN THE SNOW! Amazing images!

We should not accept that a model pose in suche weather. So, only 5

Have you been paying any attention at all to MetArt? Go back to the archives, there is a long tradition of winter outdoors shots in MetArt. It's not my kind of thing, but it's very much a part of the MetArt style.

Please tell me you're kidding...

We hope that Balina was not overly uncomfortable.
True stupidity, a naked girl in the cold and on the snow.

Roger that -- !

She could melt all that snow. ;-) very sexy

Another dumb set. At this rate, I do not think I will renew my subscription.

Two "dumbs" down !


On some of these snow sets, I have to think "Poor thing, naked in the cold!" But Balina doesn't seem to have a problem with it, so why should I? This is better than 'decent' for an outdoor set, in fact I like it. I love Balina's big brown eyes and big smile.


Not necessary... It's here!! A planetary cycle that's entirely natural, just a bit aided by massive fossil fuel consumption... Keep in mind the next 'cycle' is the next Ice Age...;o) Good thing Balina is prepared for THAT! I'm certainly not!! ;o)

Yikes!! I'm in LOVE!!! Outdoor sets this good are few and far between.
Balina shows us just how 'hearty' these Ukrainian girls are! Such a beauty!! I think this shows just how casually nudity is treated in the Old World... I wonder how many 'enthusiasts' are in those buildings with binoculars...lol This would be quite a sight in ANY country! Great set!! Gorgeous Snow Bunny!!

Well said!! This incredible snow set of this incredible cutie will be tough to top...but I sure won't mind MET-ART trying to do so by cranking out more sets like this!

I was surprised. It is a good outdoor set, and as far as 'snow' sets go, it is top-notch in my book.

Couldn't agree more kilroy...:o) The more I drool over this girl, the more I like her! All of her sets are keepers for me!

Loved the set, she's got a great ass

She's got a great EVERYTHING!! Especially 'sense of adventure'! LOL I love this girl!!

Damn she looks fun...

What a delightful series by Alex Iskan and Balina A :) She is a real cutie within this set never loosing that charming smile of that gorgeous face of hers nor within that glint within those brown eyes once throught out the whole series~~One has to simply admire her bravery to flaunt that stunning body of hers in that cold snow images #69-#70 truely shows how cold she is with those gorgeous close of her fully erected nipples :) Loved those lovely rear end views of her firm cute ass and her lovely shaven pussy in some very delightfull playfull poses ;) Thank you Alex and Balina for making my hot desert night a tad cooler !!! Kudoa to both of you for a sexy sensual playfull series now get dreesed and get yourself warm yourself up Balina A before you get frost bitten :)

Hi Rags25,
It's really nice to see a woman on these forums. Women sometimes have a different perspective on female beauty, and it's always interesting for me to hear a womans point of view. There is no question that Met is filled with gorgeous women.........I appreciate this site on several different levels. Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Hope all is well for you in the Outback.


So many comments about shredding - I can help her shred down the hill, shred the cloths and ride he board all day! great set of a sexy lady!

Clearly, Balina is cut from far sterner cloth than I... no way I'd ever get naked outside during winter!
Kudos to her for doing so and having fun with it. ( :

Chances are you're not in your twenties either...lol That would be helpful in this situation...;o)

One of the hottest asses I have ever seen. Stunning.

Balina is beautiful, brave, bare, and the best.

I am so glad Balina is wearing a hat and boots. We wouldn't want her to catch a cold. Very nice and very brave.

Brave girl, our Balina, and she looks spectacular halfway out of those ski pants. Does she need a rubdown? Fun set.

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