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Why do we have to have these horrible, ugly necklaces ruining almost every set? MetArt - get off your lazy butts and sort it.

Looking at her gorgeous face, I feel a powerful craving to hear this woman's voice...

Barbara is just about perfect in every way. Nice face, breasts, legs and even feet. Oh, and of course that lovely pink vulva with her trademark cute little tuft of hair at the very top looks delicious.

I agree with 'Rags' - not her best set, but still very good in quality with a variety of poses and solid photography. Not much repetition here and all in focus. Good work.

I quite loved this lastest set of Barbara D even though it's not her best set she has done though but i loved her necklace it really highlighted her beautiful breasts as per images 23,2,44,45 and images 71 to 73 as she gently cups them together gently rubbing her erect nipple with her long fingernails not to mention her lovely curvy body and pink labia lips as for the background i don't think it discolored her skin it more from being cold one can tell from the soles of her feet and the blood vessels rising to the top of her skin must have been a cold sudio Alex Sironi could have at least kept the studio warmer for such a lovely model liked Barbara D i guess that's one of the hardships a model has to go through within their photoshoots

I'll put my rose colored glasses on when I need to but with Barbara I don't. Why the use of filters?

The necklace is gaudy. The bright red background causes severe digital noise discoloring her skin.

gorgeous girl and excellet photography. model naked from 1st image

Another great set of the gorgeous and delicious Barbara!!! I loved shots 84 and 85!!! I thought the red background was a bit bright and overpowering. Still a great set!!!

Well done Alex....a fabulous set of photographs....and thank you Barbara for once again displaying your beauty!...

All I can manage to say is Barbara OWNS ME!! Her every wish would be my command!! Beautiful set! On 'this' note, I will sleep...perchance to dream...

The beautiful Barbara is back, everything about her is perfect, Flawless!

A beautiful set of pictures. Barbara D is beautiful from head to toe.

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