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Barbara D in Chisel by Alex Sironi

A wonderful set. I love Barbara. Her tall body is gorgeous and perfect. She has a curvy body with delicious beautiful boobs, her long legs and curvy ass. I adore her bald pussy.
Good photography

Barbara D & Alex S never fail to please. And tho I know the Hairy Who will complain, I LOVE BALD KITTY!

Not completely bald... there is that tiny little tuft at the top, hard to see in most shots.

Doesn't really count when it's that far away from the "action"...;o)

Barbara is a joy to look at. She is perfectly built for a man to enjoy.

Another reason I happily paid for membership here... LOVE this girl!!

i think she'd be a 5 in the morning with no makeup.

Any of us should be THAT lucky, hammer! I mean, really?!?

I think I'd like to discover that for myself... "No makeup" is an "ideal" situation to me, along with waking up next to this beauty! In fact, I may not be able to dispel that thought all day! Barbara has been in my sights from day one!

In addition to my crusade for a Hall of Fame, I have a couple of other "Suggestions" to toss out. First a tab to debate/comment not on a particular girl but an "About Met" general tab where this type of post fits better. Second while I posted yesterday about more and better info on the models, what about the artist. How about adding a "Bio" page/tab about the artist. More or less a resume from them. Where they are based, how long they have been in the Met family, total sets published by each. Number of Top Ten models they have had, etc. Again what do you'all think...

Like you, I sometimes look for more information on a model or photog, therefore I would look at something like you propose as an enhancement. Probably many members just want to look at the pictures. Good luck getting someone at MET to listen. I'd be happy if they just fixed what they have first (like NEXT SET/PREV SET buttons that work properly on each set)!!

As ProctorGuard points out, like Jenni, we have a veteran with Barbara. Lets look at her record. Presented first on 5/1/2011, Top Ten in next set on 6/4/2011. Ten Top Ten appearances, almost monthly until 12/26/2012. When she is not Top Ten, but then on 2/1/12 she is again listed as Top Ten. Now she rated 55. WTF By the way she has had 4109 votes over this period. She is still ahead of Caprice who held Top Ten even longer. Caprice has 8428 votes as of last night. Our current #1 Kalena a total of only 1390 votes and very few appearances. I would again suggest the program used for ratings need to be tweeked. I looked at of Jenifer Mackey's set ratings and only three of them were over a 9 rating and look at the number of votes on each. All of the top ten except one are relative newbie's. In addition to look at the rating system, I would again suggest a Hall of Fame. Met-Art needs to at least explore the concept. I think if Met opened up the establishment to input from the membership they would have a great debate. Once the criteria for it is established, while we will all bitch if our favs ,make it or not, it should be that both the models and artists will strife to get there. What do all of you think.

I can't speak for the others but I think you're over-thinking this whole thing... I'm here to view and collect my favorite beauties, and then leave to get on with my life... I'm sorry you seem to not have one with all the time and effort you're spending on this...'project'(?) Don't try to turn this into a competition...that ain't gonna happen!

Valid. thoughtful reply. The "competition" is not my goal. The Hall of Fame is meant as a way of "Honoring" some of the models that made Met-Art #1. Such as APF, Caprice, etc. For me, what we have now is more of a competition. That is why I want input from the members on just what a "Hall of Fame Model" should be. In some of my other other post you will find I have been a member for years and am happy that Met-Art has grown and evolved. Met-Art has given many hours of pleasure over the years and the time I spent on my research last night was minimal. Many of the changes, including this comment ability, came from member's suggestions, so why not bring it up.

But in effect, that's what it would become...imo But I'm not around much longer, so you need input from others... The forum may be your best bet for feedback on this...

Barbara is one of MetArt's goddesses. Such perfection. Her beauty seems so effortless, it's like all she has to do is keep breathing.

You cannot say enough about Barbara! Truly one of Mets Best! Incredible beauty! Great work Sironi, as usual!

Jenni and Barbra D in the same week?...Ah just like the Met-Art of yore. These two are absolutely in the upper echelon of feminine beauty, there's no doubt about that.

In #132, there's a sweet little mole between her pussy and her anus. Never noticed it before. It needs to be seriously kissed.

I always thought that they were called "beauty marks". Is it just a coincidence that it's right between the sweet spots?

I've never seen that mole before, either. Chalk it up to photoshopping, I assume.

It is nice to see that she still has that cute tiny tuft of brown hair right at the top of her slit. Kind of her signature thing, but gotta be hard to keep it, one slip with the razor and it would be gone!

It's not seen on any previous sets, so it was either expertly photoshopped out, or 'cake' has it right....genital wart. Not really "kissable"...lol

That's not a mole.

That's a genital wart.


Pretty woman! I'd like to see her in a better setting, though. I hate that the fur is shedding hair onto her thighs. Still, Me encanta a ver el poco lunar entre su coño raja y su culo agujero. Me encantaría lamer eso! (;

The worst thing about real fur is the shedding...not very appealing...

Not at 10 rating. At least a 12.

Perfect as always. Cool beauty and red hot sexiness at the same time. And all inhibitions left at the door. And such a smile!

Barbara is looking as amazing as always, perfect from head to toe.

Hmm... It's an ok set with a gorgeous model.
Can we please get Barbara outdoors?
Look to Erro or Luca Helios for inspiration on outdoor locations.
The background accentuates the beauty in the foreground, and a lot of Barbara's backgrounds fall short in my opinion.

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