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Without a doubt, one of the nicest pussies I've ever seen. (Wish Sironi would show more of it.) To taste it would be heaven!

Barbara could easily pass for Sebastian Vettel's super hot little sister.

why has she never made a movie? it's past time she did!!!

Barbara D should rate in the top 10 of MA models. IMHO of course.

I have no problem with that, She has on normous occasions but she has not been around as much as some of the other models.


Are you real, Barbara? You are so incredibly beautiful! I always think I am dreaming when I see your pictures. An exquisite dream. Thank you, Barbara. Come back. Keep us dreaming.

...a perfect dream, who inspires dreams in dreamers...

Barbara is one of the few that I actually give a 10. My only problem is that here every set is by Alex. I wish that we could once again get some of Erro's sets of her on Met. Does anyone know why his work has disappeared on Met.

One of the things I like about MA is the ability to have the same model shot by different photogs. I agree with you, and it's not that I don't like Alex S's work, it's having that different perspective, different camera, different poses. End result is having better variety.

Barbara usually gets a 10 from me as well, and I am stingy with that top number. She is such a goddess. There isn't a thing about her from head to toe that's not ideal femininity. I always look forward to her sets.

I assume that it is because his personal site is so successful he no longer needs to advertise himself/his site on MA.

I agree with you however that it would be a treat to see how some of the other MA photographers would photograph Barbara... It is always a nice surprise to see the change a different photographer can bring out of a model.

Barbara is a star in the firmament of MetArt that returns periodically to make us rejoice with her grace and her naked beauty.

Alex proposes, for her, a perfect photo shoot.

A perfect setting, in my opinion, should be minimal, consisting of a few objects and a few bright colors harmonized with each other. (In this case, a dress and an umbrella).

The real actress is Barbara that offers us the spectacle of all her feminine beauty.

Grazie Barbara - Grazie Alex

Ales you are a lucky man being able to photograph Barbara. Barbara you are as beautiful as always, stunning in fact.

Ales you are a lucky man being able to photograph Barbara. Barbara you are as beautiful as always, stunning in fact.

Always gorgeous! Barbara has a great butt, Fabulous legs, and a gorgeous face. Those pretty blue eyes penetrate right to my heart.

The set is a bit conservative but the photos are crisp, clear and have great white balance and color.

Barbara is never less than lovely, and in this set considerably more. I love her beautiful hair, her statuesque body and her gorgeous bottom. What else is there in life?

Trying to be eloquent today, I see. "What else is there in life?" For you probably a whole covey of Ukrainian lovelies.

If I can get them. But I'm not greedy; one will do.

Good point! Yes, at this point, I'd be perfectly happy with just one, myself. ( :

I wouldn't be averse to a whole coven of 'em myself. ( :
That witchcraft that they do do.... ( ;


I second that, but I will add that I adore her smile too.

That's definitely allowed—but only because I agree. ;))

You gotta admit that her smile IS perfectly adorable; hence, adoration is the only appropriate response. ( :

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