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Stunting beauty, many thanks for sharing your great images

Why has she not done 1 movie? We want a movie!!!

Because she knows how lame they are... ;o)

(Just one man's opinion...and I'm sure the ONLY man with that opinion!)

Probably, Rock! LOL

Okay everybody, on three, we want a movie, we want a movie, we want a movie!

I'll second that!

I'll happily jump onboard and third that!
I've had a crush on Barbara since her first set... it would be sheer joy to see this angel in motion.

Barbara's a beautiful girl and has always been one of my favorites, but many of her sets have a very similar appearance and 'feel'. Alex needs to get a bit more creative to keep her "fresh"... But as usual, a very pleasant pictorial of her yumminess.

I have the same thoughts. As a beautiful woman she is in my winner's circle, but I'd sure like to see something a little different with her.

One of the things about Barbara that is unique is the tiny tuft of very light pubic hair she keeps at the top of her slit. Barely noticeable in most shots, but perhaps kept as proof she is a real blonde.

The proof is on her arms. The hair there seems light colored to me.

It's always a good day when Barbara comes out to play. Barbara, you are looking as beautiful as always. Great set.

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