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WHAT I'M LOVIN': Barbara's incredible body and consistently superior hind-view, hair (again? what's with me today) and eyes. Especially love #s 10, 18, 39, 43, 47, 49, 51, 68, 103!, 123, 127, 131, 133.

MY PREFERENCES: Even more images that highlight this charming angel's face, especially the eyes. All of Barbara is stunning!

PHOTO NOTES: Kudos!! Very much diggin' on the soft light. I also like the use of the turquoise background, and that it's a softened brick pattern, not just a smooth surface. Caucasian skin colors tend to be orange based (however lightly toned), which makes the blue family of colors a great contrasting background. But while light blues give great tonal support for fair skinned nudes (it's easier to get great exposures when the tonal difference between subject and background isn't very big), they can be a little cold looking against a nude woman's form. So, the very slight shift into the warmer hues of turquoise really warms things up nicely. Excellent! And the use of smoothed brick as a pattern behind Barbara's body helps to emphasize by contrast all the lovely curves and lines and smooth textures of her gorgeous form and supple skin.

Barbara is truly beautiful.... BUT .... Every set of her is the same, same look on her face, same poses, same hair, never really dressed up to undress, she looks somehow un-natural in most sets, its like she doesn't connect with the camera?

Barbara is one of the all time best at Met Art but this set was disappointing, the photos were not sufficiently revealing.

Thousands of Photos, Non of these girls can stand normally with their heels on the ground! Are they deformed by wearing high heeled shoes?
It is so upsetting.

It is a deliberate posing technique most of the photographers use with the models. Standing on tiptoe not only makes the girl look taller, it also pushes out her breasts and her butt. (Which is of course, much of the appeal of high-heeled shoes, at least for guys looking at the girls)
You are not the first to comment on this, Achilles. But it's been a regular feature of MetArt modeling since before I subscribed (2010, I think?).

Oh in that case maybe I need to find a website with natural looking pictures of girls on it, or buy a camera. I've never found high heels attractive there hideous.

Well since my comments disappeared again you will just have to guess what they were. But don't forget to check out Barbara's really HAWT updates on EA. She is something!

Is the following the comment that disappeared?

"Barbara is a very skilled and self-confident model. that is obvious from the fact that she is working a restricted area, and she starts nude.She is also very beautiful, and perfectly photographed by Mr. Sironi. I gave each a 10++++"

If yes, contact customer support for an explanation. I won't try to quote them, but it was explained to me along the lines of co-ordinating and updating a 24/7 worldwide (24 time zones) system and site. Your comment did not disappear, rather, our host was probably up-dating their world-wide system when you checked to see your comment.

I have found that if I take the time to watch my open browser (chrome) tab, and see my post on my screen after I click "Post Comment" it is in the system, come hell or high water, and will always be so and visible, except for the referenced update instances; or when an offensive or illegal post is properly removed.

BUT DO contact customer support for a less wordy explanation directly from the horse's mouth.

Barbara is a very skilled and self-confident model. that is obvious from the fact that she is working a restricted area, and she starts nude.She is also very beautiful, and perfectly photographed by Mr. Sironi. I gave each a 10++++

Unfortunately, I have to say this looks like a hundred of Barbara's other sets. If she's still working, somebody needs to get a bit more creative with this angel!

the most angelic girl on met-art?

Babs has bedroom eyes...I'm up for that!

I've been a fan of Barbara since the first set I saw. What an amazingly beautiful figure and enchanting face. She is tops in my book. Barbara keeps a only a tiny tuft of her light brown pubic hair at the very top of her cleft, sort of her trademark. One thing that perplexes me in this set is that on the closeup shots, it is gone, but in the wider angled shots, and in 52,53 you can see the wisp clearly. I hope this was not post-production edited out of some of the shots. It is a distinguishing feature and it would be a shame if someone thought it didn't belong.

Did anybody notice the pics from the first part of the set look like the pics in the last part of the set and I am not referring to the fact Barbara is in all of them. She is beautiful, however, the set was a little boring when it came to the variety of poses.

A classic blond goddess, Barbara is molded in a softer fuller frame than many of the other girls. Firm, mature, elegant and almost rubenesque. No skinny little kid here this is s woman of substance. A woman that could fight by your side and hold her own. This is what we call pioneer stock. And every bit of that is meant as a total complement.

A nice set and 4 of 4 on the day for K

Barbara D is stunning and simply gorgeous. Alex is a great photographer. Yet, I am not so sure about this set . May be it's me .

What is it you are not sure of? I wouldn't say it is her absolute best, but it is a decent showing of this gorgeous lady.

Barbara is one of my top favorites. she is tall, curvy, long legs, large natural boobs and above all, sweet face and beautiful blue eyes.
marvelous set thanks to all who prepared it

I am sorry to admit that Barbara is new to me. I am shocked that I have never noticed her before, even though she has been published frequently since 2011. Barbara is endowed with an absolutely flawless womanly body and beautiful face. I am smitten.

In fact Neil, I find that IMPOSSIBLE to believe! I think you've had a stroke....(lol) There's no way (in my mind) that you haven't seen Barbara until now... If true, that's absolutely mindboggling...

No really, I checked out her previous sets and I found that I never rated Barbara or any of her sets. I never commented on any of her sets before. I normally view the new galleries when they are published at 3am ET. I suspect that, when I saw Barbara in the past, I thought she was just a beautiful dream.

A beautiful dream, indeed! ( :

Where have you been Neil? Barbara has had some awesome sets over the last 3 years.

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