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Wherever my comment went,Its a gonner. To sum up I think Barbara looke a lot more relaxed,but I prefer her sets on EA, I gave her and mr Sironi a 10+++

Barbara D is a true hottie, and the 130lb helps a lot. I like girls who are solid. I think Barbara is more relaxed myself.she sure looks good in a nightie, and even better without it. Also I prefer her sets on EA,Erro just does and only accepts the very best I gave Barbara a 10+++

WOW, Barbara you are beautifully sexy and you wear a nightgown well! I would love to have you greet me at the door wearing that nightgown. It would be starting Happy Hour without needing a drink!

I like how they tossed Leyla's dress on the couch for the Barbara shoot... Good for the budget...;o) Barb looks great...always does.

It's not often we see such photographer/photographer collaboration! :D

And still not one movie of her, why the fck not?

Cuz videos suck!!!

Love that mole on her taint.

That isn't a mole.

In fact, it's the physically visible symptom of the human pampilloma virus which is known as, wait for it, a wart.

Note the two new, lighter color examples now appearing on the inside of her left glute, those are satellite warts spreading out from the original.

Barb needs to see a doctor for treatment of HPV.

B.C., you've said this before on another Barbara set, and I don't think it is what you think. More likely a common mole, just a benign pigmentation anomaly.

It's sun damage. Barbara sunbathes in a very odd way.

It's called the Perineum. I'm going to avoid the "Whac-A-Mole" comment. :P

I'm impressed to see someone else that knows female anatomy by medical names.

Holey moley, Batman, say 'taint so!!!!

LOL good one, fer.

Note to self:

Do not drink coffee while reading members' comments, clean up on aisle 7.

Credit where credit's due, chez22 set me up perfectly....

It's hard to describe exactly how, but it seems the gorgeous Barbara is somehow more "present" in this shoot than she has been in most of her recent sets. She seems happier, more content somehow.
Whatever it is, I feel genuine gratitude, because she truly reveals the goddess inside, and when that happens it is always a blessing for us mortals to witness. ( :

Barbara looks fantastic here, Sironi has done a great job, especially with the choice of the red sofa complementing Barbara's gorgeous golden tan. Image 42 is the highlight of this set for me, what a glorious pose, perfection in every inch!.

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