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Barbara looks incredibly dreamy and sexy in this shoot, and when she bends over to present her bottom to the camera the results are glorious.

beautiful young woman; I have no further comment.

Very pretty, indeed, Barbara -- thank you.

Please don't feel the need to change anything about your lovely self. Some of the members feel it necessary to give you "beauty tips", but I'm certain most of us love you just the way you are.


She's just SO DAMN CUTE!!!

Barbara! Wow! A new look for this beautiful girl and finally a different "presentation" of her! Her sets were beginning to look like clones of each other, but this is VERY nice!

Rock, I'm also glad the cloned mold has been broken. Nice to see a different look, still as sexy as before, that hasn't changed, nor has Barbara's small trademark tuft just above her cleft.

LOL If you say so pal...;o)

More and more Barbara is boring me: always the absolutely same poses in each set. Seeing one set means knowing all. There is no Variation at all.

Even her gaze is always the same in each & every photo.

Even Barbara can't save a so-so Monday, ah, but there is always Tuesday, and Wednesday and.....

"a so-so Monday"!!?? You MUST be "so-sooo high"!! This is a GREAT Monday!!
Amelie, Welesa!, Maryana...BARBARA!! "SO-SO"!!! I guess we're all entitled to our own opinion...

I think this is the effect most photographers are "shooting" for when posing the model against a white background. Barbara stands out in nice contrast, an effect some other photographers frequently don't achieve.

Now that you mention it, I think I haven't seen a set with such good/well balanced contrast in quite a while.... Very astute Madison! ;o)

"Astute" sounds so much better than that *other* word that begins with "A s"... LOL

This set comes from the same shoot as Barbara's 'Placed (Parts I and II)' on EA, some of the photographs are even shared between the two. The difference is a slightly more sepia toning on Met, and some slightly different posing in some photos. I was just wondering if you could explain what happened here? Thank you.

Everybody does what they have to in a down economy....;o)

I was thinking the same thing, Hayley, I was just about to hop over to EA to confirm my memory... ( :

What a strategically placed beauty mark!

If you look at her earlier sets, it was either photoshopped out, or it isn't a "beauty mark"... "Mole"? "Wart"?? A few months back it was suggested that it's a "genital wart"... I favor the "mole" theory myself, or I could agree about "beauty mark" if it was indeed being removed digitally in her early sets... Maybe she'll tell us....;o)

My opinion, it is a mole, and yes, it has been airbrushed out in past Barbara sets.

It has been suggested in a couple of past sets (in total ignorance) that it is a genital wart (condyloma). Not so, says my doctor friend. Nothing to worry about.

'tain't nothin' but a thing! LOL

'taint' you the clever one...;o)


Looking great Barbara, love your hair today (amongst other things)).

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