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I believe Barbara is the all time most beautiful model on Met, but her sets seem sexier as of late on Stunning 18

Stunning model, ultra sexy, beautiful, perfect pussy beautifully displayed.

Thanks Met for the Hide Comments button.

Sironi must stop to try to make a copy of himself it is booring. Stop using the hand of your model as the focus. Barbara should have a call from Arkisi the best photographer since Erro.

Something needs to happen. Barbara is just too hot to see all inspiration slowly dwindle away in her sets.

I love you Barbara but it's time to check out another photographer.

No mystery what Barbara DD's #1 asset is!

She has a lot of assets in my opinion.

...and a great ass, too!

I tend to agree with trickydick1. And the necklace is ghastly and distracting. Jewelry in nude photography is risky and generally should not be used.

Haven't we seen this one??? It looks very familiar...

Sorry to say, they are starting to look the same. In her last set, she had a different look and it was refreshing. Now we are back to the same old and even though I think Barbara herself is strikingly beautiful and has a super figure, there needs to be some new spark, perhaps try a different photog (just once, pretty please).

Barbara started off with a bang two years ago but every following set has gotten weaker and weaker, this set was totally boring and I am not blaming the model. I used to look forward to her sets, now they all are hum drum...damn

ditto ... as a devoted follower of Barbara ... ditto

tricky, I find myself agreeing with you this time.

One word: sexy lingerie. Allright, two words.

Wholesome hotness, if there is such a phrase, comes to mind with Barbara.

Barbara is beautiful time and time again.She is always a joy to look at.

Barbara is one of my favorite model. But this set is rather uninspiring to me.


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