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Just discovered Beata. Her face and her breasts are so beautiful and exciting, we'll have multiple orgasms together!

Nice debut from Beata, a little Arielesque (though not quite in that league)Beautiful girl, great tits. Hope to see much more of.

not a fan of that hair color... I never understand why women do that, especially when they have lovely hair to begin with... I don't know if she does or not... just saying..

I always have a soft spot for girls with fake red hair (and a soft land mass for girls with real red hair...) so all I am going to say is:

next set next week? Hopefully?

Here's my opinion on the set personally, I like that its outdoor. But, I dislike that it makes her look ike a overly photoshopped glamor mag model. That smoothed out blurring of skin tone etc. Like the blur tool was overdone. Give the set some natural look Matiss. Afterall, that's where she is, in nature. Polishing the texture out of skin complexion should really only be done for areas the models suggests, not the whole body.

If I had wondered past this shoot in progress, I'd clearly have tripped all over myself, fallen in the water and drown! I'm a sucker for red hair in most forms, and this is no exception, except perhaps that its intensity kind of drives me wild. And those exotic eyes ... how NOT to be distracted? WHAT !!?? Did you see her breasts!! The size and shape are fantastic in the truest sense of the word! And then she turns around and I'm helpless as she bends over. Stone cold addicted.

Uber babe: face is cuter than a Persian kitten, succulent tits!

Beata has many of the same qualities of Violla (that is good, a favorite of mine), the most obvious being the (dyed) bright red hair and nice large breasts. I think it not coincidental that she is also a Matiss model. This might also mean that we are going to be limited to outdoor sets. Not that Beata doesn't look great in nature, that bright red hair contrasts well against the green vegetation of this serene stream location. The only thing that detracts from this otherwise entirely natural setting is using the pillow on the rock that she sits on. She does also have a great figure and I appreciate the many standing shots of her.

For a first set, this is a decent showing and I am hoping to see more from this lovely young lady.

This is a beautiful young woman with a perfectly shaped figure. It is always wonderful to see another red haired beauty. I hope Beata is a natural red head but I am fairly certain that the shade she is wearing is not natural. Her colorist did her no favors. Hopefully, we will see her in the red/auburn shade which Mother Nature meant for her. Also, I think her makeup artist over shot the mark on her eyes. While I wait for her next set, I am giving she a 10 and ADD FAVORITE on her profile page. She has the potential to be a great model.

I'm trying very hard to stop making negative comments...

(Is that, in itself, a 'negative comment'?...)

I think it all depends how you say it, Rock. If you phrase it honestly but tactfully, and include information on what you think was missing or could have been done better, then it doesn't fall in the "negative comment" category so much as the "constructive criticism" category.

Damn, rock, say it now that the cat is out of the bag!

Nope... Can't do it... Won't compare the hair to Ronald McDonald... Won't bring up Ariel either...;o)

Another splendid debut in November - it has been a truly extraordinary month. Lovely work from Matiss behind the camera, and a beautiful subject in Beata in front of it. I hope that she sticks around for a long time!

Yes, this has been a fantastic month for debuts.

Beata is truly a very impressive and intriguing young lady. I like very much everything I see...
I hope we can convince her to come back really soon and share even more with us. ( :

Nice well-proportioned girl but the color of her hair doesn't match the bright-colored skin.

Believe IMHO that the hair color is more of a distraction. Whatever her natural dark color is may show her better.

Beata you look lovely and I love your eyes. What a wonderful pair of boobs you have and you have a great ass. I like the pictures taken here, well done Beata and Matiss.

Gotta go with Myshkin on this one: Beata's breasts are perfect, spectacular. (For me, it's not the size that counts, it's the shape and the woman; Lorena's little breasts are perfect too.) Beata comes to us from Matiss, who is building a big reputation as a discoverer and uncoverer (sorry) of beautiful Ukrainians. Violla, Mila M. and Marta are just three of an impressive roster. His artist's page is worth a visit, Beata is in very, very fast company, and by the look of this set, she'll do just fine. Welcome aboard, honey.

Well, I disagree a little with my learned colleague B. I love those perfect breasts - please make a video so we can see their luscious movements. And I think that over the top hair color is playful, pretty and a lot of fun. I'm betting we'll see your true color soon enough, I hope in MANY more sets. You are absolutely gorgeous and totally sweet Beata. This is a fantastic debut. Welcome!!!

I agree, Myshkin, a video of this young lady would be wonderful. ( :

Beautiful woman with a pretty face, and a great body (even though I'm not a huge fan of large breasts).

I think she would look even better if she would allow her natural hair color to show.

Nice debut, I hope Beata comes back soon. Thanks Matiss.

Only on a MetArt site would this model's breasts be classified as large. lol

Yeah and most sites these days those breasts will be stuffed with silicone or saline.To me breast size is not relevant in and of itself shape is a huge factor and also how they appear in proportion to the rest of the body.

But they have to classify them some how and by stock of Met-Art they are large.No one is holding a gun to your head if you do not like how Met-Art does things spend your money elsewhere.

Yo!! jimbo!! Chillax!! lol

I made a simple good-natured comment so don't be such a jerkwad yojimbo.

It didn't sound like SouthernMaster was complaining, yojimbo, I thought he was just making an observation.

Browning, I have the feeling Myshkin and Sailor are right; this lady is going to be around for awhile, and I have no doubt she'll let us see her true hair color in future sets (and hopefully videos!).
At least, I hope so!

Beata you are marvelous. Thanks Matiss for excellent set.

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