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You really managed to capture the passion between Beatrice C & Vanda B. Thank you Catherina, Beatrice C & Vanda B and the staff for putting great photos as these up!

This set reminded me of a film I had seen recently, "Blue is the warmest color", also known by its original (and much more fitting) title, "The life of Adele, Chapters 1 and 2". The film, although very good and extremely well-acted, got famous (or rather infamous) for explicit lesbian sex scenes between the two main characters. In this set, it seems that Vanda, more mature and in charge, is seducing and undressing Beatrice. Meanwhile, it's Beatrice who is choreographing the whole thing. In the film, as well, the older and more experienced girl makes the move, but it is the younger one, who is searching for her identity, that sets the whole thing in motion. I guess making assumptions based on what we perceive as obvious is not always a good idea, as any work of art has more that one layer.

Hi lember92) You have a very good point. Girls are very artistic and to like each other. Have you noticed in this set that I also like. Girls and their interaction want to to consider.

54, 59? ))

I don't know what everyone is talking about. I didn't see a real kiss. Just more teasing. More stupidity.

Hi SR71) Girls do not tease girls playing with each other.

Very breathtaking set from these two sexy.Great job Catherine and the ladies.

Hi H WU) Thank you for your praise)

Very sexy shoot! I must admit that I'm not usually a fan of stockings, because to me, taking a great set of legs and covering them with stockings is all too often like taking a great set of breasts and covering them with a bra, but it worked well on this occasion. Great concept having Vanda slowly undressing Beatrice like that. My only criticism would be that I found the setting itself a bit bland. A little too studio. Yes, the mirror was a nice touch, but I would have preferred a more romantic, bedroom setting. More passionate colors to have contrast with their skin. Seeing Vanda seducing Beatrice on a bed - now that would have been a treat!

I agree with you in part about staying in front of the mirror. The only suggestion I would offer Catherine was to move around at some point (such as a bed like you say) for part of the set, rather than stay by the mirror the whole time. As for the stockings, I liked the contrast of them on Beatrice in the beginning to the fully nude Vanda, but was glad that they were off before the end of the set.

Still a great set, and a lot more interaction between these two beauties than you get from many other photogs shooting G-G here at MA. Catherine has demonstrated that she excels at this type of shoot.

Thank you very much, very valuable advice. I agree with Alyssa, shooting on the bed would have been more sexy. kilroy, really good idea to continued set was on the bed. I'll try to do it. I like a mirror, so I spent the whole set in this place. Thank you)

The trouble with Catherine's girl-girl sets is that the women are so damn beautiful. I don't normally like lesbian shoots and usually give them a pass. Catherine's are different, however, because she brings out the first team almost every time. Vanda and Beatrice are both beautiful obsessions of mine. (Beatrice hasn't been around nearly enough lately,) Together, they are irresistible, both doing things to each other that I would like to do to each of them. I like the contrast in skin tones. I like Catherine's flawless—and invisible—photographic technique. Delightful stuff.

The skin tones, yes, Sailor I agree. Another contrast in addition to the nude/accessorized combination that the set started out with. I agree, Catherine does G-G shoots like few others can.

HI Sailor so very true within your comment Catherine's Girl-Girl series are simply gorgeous even her triple set as well and if you love the different contrasts of skin tones - I would check out Adanna A's and Evelyn P's series "Etnika" posted back in 2007,Adanna A is french but Afro-American with a natural dark complexetion opposed to Evelyn P's tanned body and what i loved the most about that series that Evelyn P wears the dark sexy lingerie to highlight her body and Adanna A wears White Sexy lingerie to highlight her natural Afro-American skin and it just as sensual as this gorgeous series by Catherine but there's no comparison To Catherine's series posted in 2013 as "Etnika" was a one off Girl-Girl series She is truely a great female photographer and i guess as she is a female she surely know how to bring out the best out of her models Cheers Sailor :)

rags25....Catherine's G/G sets are unique, just as your descriptive comments are.....because they are presented from a woman's perspective.

Women know how to be seductive and sexual....that's why "we men" find "you women" totally irresistible:)

Hi Sailor, kilroy, rags25, Browning) I am very pleased to read your comments. Duet Vanda and Beatrice this is my favorite combination. They are very sexy and natural.
I do not always enjoy my work, but this one I really like. Thanks for the detailed and interesting comments)

Beatrice is so gorgeous in that lingerie, it's a shame it has to come off—yeah, right!

Dear Catherine as a female i found this lovely series truely sensual passionate and erotic :) I loved the different skin tones of Beatrice's tanned skin and Vanda's lighter skin with both of their lovely bodies whilst embracing their gorgeous bodies together in truely sensual erotic poses ~ I simply adore Beatrice C's sexy lingerie complete with a garter belt see-through stockings :) The gorgeous sensual poses in front of the mirror are simply Magnificent with Vanda's slimmer body against firmer body with both of their reflections of both Vanda B's and Beatrice C's gorgeous bodies breasts erect nipples within it !! one has to adore the sensual pose's with Beatrice kneeling upond the floor in her sexy lingerie outfit and Vanda's tall slender body behind her in different sexy sensual erotic pose's in images #29-#38 with a gorgeous close up of Vanda's firm inner thigh drapped over Beatrice's shoulder :) Just as images #73 to #77 with Beatrice kneeling on the floor her back arched back her breasts erect nipples in full view looking up towards Vanda body while wrapping her arms around Vanda's body as Vanda gently cups both of her breasts as well as Beatrice squatting spread legged upon the floor with Vanda's and her hands resting on Beatrice's shoulders with Vanda leaning down over Beatrice's body finishing of with a beautiful passionate close up of Beatrice gently licking Vanda's nipple with her pierced tongue ;) The passionate kiss in images #96-#97 is simply adorable with their thighs entwined together with Beatrice gently cupping Vanda's breasts ~~ There are both sensaul erotic pose's close ups of both of their gorgeous bodies with different views.I loved the way Catherine photographed them both together in such a sensual passionate way...Then again Catherine does bring out the best of model within her sets She's Done in the Past :) and this set is no exception either !! Thank You Catherine Beatrice C and Vanda A on a truely passionate erotic set :)

Hi rags25) Thank you very much for such a detailed comment. I was very interested to read it. Easy to do with such a set of sexy beautiful models. The photographer just need to take a camera and shoot them. My intervention in their actions were minimal. I forwarded your comment Vanda and Beatrice. I think they are happy to read your review. Thank you very much)

A very nice comment as usual rags25....as only you (a woman) could write:)
Damn it's cold here....the Outback sounds really good right now:)

Thank you....and take care our Aussie friend:):)

Thank You Browning but at the moment i'll swap your cols weather with my hot weather its scorching hot here and take care too ok :):)


Catherine has given us a lovely set with two very lovely models, and if #132 is any proof, Beatrice enjoyed this shoot very much also.
Thank you Catherine, Beatrice and Vanda, excellent!

Thank sglbroker) I'm glad you pointed out my work)

Wow! Real woman times two _ I like it. Thanks to all three ladies and everybody who contributed to this visit.

I am also grateful to those who contributed to the publication of this set)

It is always a wonderful treat to see Vanda in a new set. It is always a wonderful treat to see Beatrice in a new set. Bot young women are supremely beautiful and so very sensual. Perfectly wonderful. Great work Catherine. WWarm regards to Vanda, to Beatrice, to Catherine and to her staff.

Hi Neil)
Thank you very much for your kind words. This set is one of my favorites. I am very pleased that you liked this set. Vanda and Beatrice is a beautiful and bright pair. I was interested to work with them)

The "kiss" is very sensual. ( :
And it's fun to see Vanda strip Beatrice out of her lingerie.
Well done, ladies...

Just a "teensy bit" sensual:):)
fer_realz, I believe Catherine and her models are the only ones who could "pull" this off. Vanda and Beatrice are very natural, no "staged" photos in this set.

They look like they were having fun! ( :

With Vanda and Beatrice very easy to operate. They are very easy to improvise. My installation of their work is very minimal. Beatrice was the author of most of improvisations.

Really! Interesting, it seemed to be Vanda directing the action!
( :
Nice acting by the ladies, this was a fun set.

I'm not surprised. I've always felt Beatrice would be a feisty, take charge kinda gal. You can see it in those seductive and delightfully mischievous eyes of hers. ;)

Ditto to Browning's comment and once again Catherine has given us a truely sexy shoot even within our Met Limits. Good job, C.

Thank you very much swplf2) I'm glad you like this work.))

My crystal ball tells me this set with Vanda and Beatrice will be VERY POPULAR today.

Vanda and Beatrice seem to really enjoy working with one another....quite a few very passionate scenes.

Very nice Catherine:)

Browning I think so as well too :) I love Catherine's sets she brings out the best out of her models she photographs :) and Yes 120f is very Sadistic it can still be 110F at midnight too...This set is truely both sensual and erotic ;)

Wow! This may be the first and only use of the word "sadistic" in a MetArt comment. I wish I could send you some nice chilly air from the north. Pour youself a nice cool drink, relax and take heart. It is below freezing where Vanda and Beatrice are today.

Thank you all) This set is one of my favorites. I did it for a long time. I wanted it to be published)

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