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I love Beatrice C. Her amazing smile lights up the whole world. She has a playful side that adds to her awesome charm and personality. It must be a joy to work with such an amazing specimen. She is the definition of perfection, from her head to her feet and from the front and from the back. I have literally fallen in love with this jaw dropping beauty. There isn't a single body part on her that isn't flawless. She has beautiful sparkling eyes that could make a man's heart melt. She has sweet lips. Her baby smooth skin drives me crazy. Her breasts are beautiful, natural and the perfect size. Her ass is round and succulent. She has a pussy that is not only cute but that also resembles alluring rose petals. Of course, her feet are cute and very pretty as are her succulent toes and smooth soles. To me she is the #1 Internet model. To Catherine, thank you for photographing such a breathtaking young lady. At the same time I am jealous of you and I envy for being such a lucky photographer. To Beatrice C, thank you for gracing us with your breathtaking presence. You are a knockout and a true diamond in the rough. Much love!

I almost missed this one Catherine! Very busy weekend...;o)
I like Beatrice...very good model and very pretty. Very nice set...so glad I searched the archive and found it. Your sets seem to be improving with each new one, and you were already one of the best. Your place in my heart is firmly fixed! :o)

i'll be perfectly honest, i did not notice her until this set. she's beautiful.


It is model it was published on Met-Art earlier. I didn't consider this set as the most successful and long didn't represent it for consideration on Met-Art. I am glad that it made on you positive impression))

Catherine, this is by far the best set I have seen on MetArt in sometime. I love your poses of this beautiful model. The way you capture her curves and the well focused closeups make my viewing this set very enjoyale. Thank you for your excellent work! Bravo!

Hi iluvsex)) Thanks I am very happy that my work was pleasant to you))

It must make work a lot easier Catherine when you have a beautiful model like
Beatrice.A very beautiful set of photos.Thank you

Hi Pete)) I am glad that you liked my work. Thanks for a response)

Beatrice has flawless skin, and not an eyelash or eyebrow out of place. I could spend hours studying these images. Amazing, young and perfect. She must be a goddess. Please ask her to convince her relatives on High Olympus to go easy on us this hurricane season. I will be a faithful follower, and burn incense at her shrine every day.

))Hi Ouchstopit. Perhaps Beatrice once again will condescend to please us with herself)

well, she is cute and the pussy shot crowd got their wishes. Maybe that means they will be less vocal on the other sets.

Oh, who am I kidding?


Over 100 completely un-titillating photos of a gorgeous girl. That's a nice pussy but I think 15% of the set being usurped by closeups is a bit much. Get these girls to pose! There is nothing sexy about this set. Just a naked girl.

It is a pity....

I agree. It's a terrible pity that great sets like Parfum and Eskura had to be followed up like this. Those sets were awesome. This one... meh.

Hi rainnwynd) I hope, you will be more favorable to Beatrice's following set))

Beatrice is sexy beyond words, I LOVE that face and those adorable breasts, I really love her hair like that, and YOU Catherine are THE BEST !!

Thanks Myshkin) Is very pleasant) I too very much like Beatrice. And I like to read your responses)

Perfect lighting, perfect focus, perfect background color, beautiful perfect model. Amazing how many great poses were found in a small 3 square foot area. Catherine, you are by far my most favorite photographer.

Thank you that you noticed feature of this set)) Thanks)

beautiful gorgeous model with a magnificent body. of course Catherine did an excellent job. she scanned the model's body and gave us perfect shots of her perky boobs and gorgeous smooth pussy. i like Cathrine's work from early stages of the set

Hi kkronful)) I'm very pleased to read your review) I'm glad I was able to please you)

Catherine. it is true that the model is super gorgeous, but a top rated professional photographer helps to emphasize the beauty of the model. i like your policy to let the model strip nude early enough. just putting your name on a set makes it worthy of viewing.

I like the lighting in this set. The mixture of tungsten light, flash and reflector(s) is very well balanced. Congratulations!

Aren't we lucky this month, we have already 8 sets from Catherine (my favorite photographer) and one is coming in the pipeline? Thanks Catherine.

Thanks JimmyGeorge)) I Hope in the coming month Met-Art please You with my works)

Catherine, your work always pleased me and it will always do.

)) Thanks.

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! Catherine, the pussy close ups in this set are awesome, and I would luv to see similar shots in all your sets!!! Nice work!!!

Hi luv_lickn_clit) I am glad that pleased you)

Hi Catherine, I didn't want to write a comment today but what do You think about 'Spanio' by Koenart? Compare with the strongly filtered skin of Nichole A in 'Dites moi' by Arkisi. I Prefer unfiltered sets.

Hi Hello) Certainly natural skin looks better. I have a big temptation to apply the photofilter in a photoshop to skin smoothing. It is facilitates work) But a little while I constrain myself and I refuse use of this photofilter. You are perfect are right use of such filters for smoothing of skin does the image not natural.

I think most members would certify you a good use of the filters even if I agree better still without smoothing. Bogdana's current set is a good example because I like her goose bumps (гусиная кожа)
Have a nice day )

Ps.: Sorry, I meant Beatrice C.

Thanks Hello)) I also wish good luck)

Wow !! what a delicious set Catherine. Has to be one of your top 3.
Shots 60,62,78,79,81 and 95 all deserve perfect 10.
Love it !! .xxx

Thanks) I am very pleased)

Beatrice is a beautiful young woman. Her shapely breasts and great bum always look super. I like how you allow the dainty body hair to remain visible in many shots. Usually I favor the severely pulled back hair, as with Luiza, but Beatrice's bio picture shows how lovely her hair is and how it wonderfully frames her face.

Hi Baggy36Pants) At Beatrica very live and playful person therefore I intentionally took away her hair in a horse tail that her mimicry proved out)

I like her better with either pulled back hair or straight hair with permed hair(as in the bio photo) not so much.

I like the effect that pulled back hair has.

Sorry if this reposts.I posted similar statement earlier when I came back it was gone for some reason.

Personally I like the pulled back hair more myself.Hair can be distracting..... when it is pulled back you can actually focus more on the face.

I dont know why for me pulled back hair makes the body look sexier.

Hi yojimbo)) I will try to experiment with hairdresses in the forthcoming work, hope my experiments will be successful)

Great set. The beauty of Beatrice is captured perfectly here. Thanks to Catherine for such a wonderful set of pictures displaying all of Beatrice.

)) Is pleased to work for You)

Awesome girl! She always looks fresh and clean like she just popped out of the shower. Bet she is soft as a new born babe and that lovely flower looks sweet as honey and twice as desirable. No stubble here just smooth clean woman! Looking at these pictures I can almost smell the scent of the soap and and feel the hint of steam hanging in the air.

Lovely work Catherine! Fantastic closeups top and bottom. You are really reading my desires and of course the subject is well worth getting in close and personal.

Thanks girls, You make a great team.

Hi hipshot131) I doubt this set. Your comment is filled me with joy) I Promise to soon pass Your words Beatrice. I am happy that my work was not so bad)

I always enjoy your work. You're one of my favorite photographers on this site. I hope you keep producing your typically high-quality photo shoots and displaying them here.

Thank you!

Hi hkelsey) I will try not to disappoint You.

Bravo !!!
My compliments to the team!


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