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please make the spread pussy shots and close ups standard and frequent.

Wow! If the underwear had been white this would have been perfect! :)
I love Beatrice's look and her presentation but damn it took a long time to get those panties off. The reward was worth it though. Those labia with that pink curtain between them is down right mouthwatering. She has a perfectly formed vulva. Not too much or too little and the bubble gum pink center is irresistible. I love the way she challenges the camera. Those intense brown eyes hold a promise and a challenge too. There is no lack of confidence here. I love # 88 for just that. The in your face challenge is so hot. #100 through 104 shows her perfection in exquisite detail as do several others further on. This lady is pure seduction and Cathrine captures it perfectly!

I love her hair and her skin tones and the way she does her makeup. It is possible she didn't get high marks before because she is so different from the skinny women the members are used to. She has a more rubenesque figure then the supermodel types. More rounder softer curves, I find her delicious. This is a real woman, not a stick figure. Someone a guy could take camping, fishing and hiking as well as to the clubs or out to dinner. The kind a guy could actually fantasize living happily ever after with.

Hi! Catherine :)
Thx for smile Beatrice :)

Beatrice has a lovely body with superb round breasts, and the most beautiful pussy imaginable.

The poses are imaginative & beautifully shot - love the rear views. Great to have an extended series of Beatrice stretching in her tight black panties & sharing their removal with us....great work

Hello Catherine,

I enjoyed this set and how you used a great variety of poses with Beatrice. I think it would highlight her curves and beauty more if she was against a background with more contrast to her skin tone.

Thanks for another great set.

You know it's a good set if rockhard likes it. It's good to see you experiment with a monochromatic set. I don't think I've seen one like this before from you. Beatrice is divine, and so are you.

Thanks a lot Ouchstopit) I am very happy that I got good work and it was pleasant to many members of Met-Art) Very pleasantly to read your response)

Oh Catherine! You've gone and produced a masterpiece! And such a beautiful model to assist you in this production! Love and kisses to you both..:o) Absolutely marvelous!!

Hi rockhard) How little I was needed, I read your review and was filled with joy. Thanks for the word masterpiece) I feel pleasure when my work brings you joy)

Hi Catherine, I take advantage of having one of our sets coming out together today for presenting you my appreciation for this set in particular and of course all your great work which keeps on improving and getting viewers and your estimators (me included) satisfied. Great model, essential setting which gives the right exposure to Beatrice and the intriguing variety of poses. Thumbs up!

Hi deltagamma74) Italy is a very sunny and sometimes maybe too hot. You can feel it in your photoset removed by the morning sun. You make good warm pictures.

Haven't really made it to your eyes yet,Beatrice.
Will get there eventually.
In the meantime I will enjoy looking at the rest of your beautiful body.
Love the photography,Catherine.

Yes, thanks))

i love u both. but i have one question why did you wait for pic 75 to get your girl fully nude?
otherwise a good set for the Russian photographer i adore

Hi kkronful) I is difficult to say exactly why the exposure occurred in that frame. Most of all, I did it on purpose. Some members of the Met-Art indicate that the model was not always immediately stripped. Beatrice is beautiful and deserves to be immediately exposed. Was glad to see and read your comment))

Catherine, this set leaves me breathless! You've never been better.

Thanks banjo51) I now look at this photoset and to me it begins it is pleasant))

Catherine, my love, you're back with one of my all time favorites—and one of the most beautiful models at MetArt. This is a ravishing, creative set . Hugs and kisses to both of you.

)) Thanks Sailor) With the great pleasure I embrace and I thank for a good response))

Everybody world tell your photo set it,s nice. You said you wasn,t sure. That tell me you are a real artist with a camera. Never change. Keep on feeling that you can make it better . By the Way i,d like to see Beatrice c once or twice again. I love you both. Your work is a big reason to stay at metart.

Thanks a lot fercito999) Is very pleasant to receive such comment which I received from you. I am very glad that you allocate my work as good. On not to obvious reasons Beatrice's model had a low rating on Met-Art. Therefore I worked with it very little, but this model very much is pleasant to me. I passed it comments. Thanks for a praise)

Great poses, crisp, clear photos, excellent close-ups, just enough wide full body photos. Otherwise a great set.

Hi lucky) I already wrote that doubted this photoset. But looking at it now and reading your comments, I understand that wasn't right. Thanks for a good mark of our work)

Seems like a different kind of style for you, Catherine. I like it. Very nice.

Hi Neil) Thanks for your praise))

Thanks for the comments. Having the photographer interacting with comments on the current set is a very good and worthwhile feature of MetArt.

I totally agree with you Notregde ;) It's nice to read Catherine's comments (I am one of her estimators too) as well as all other photographers when they interact in any way, there are not enough yet and I wish there was more participation from our side, but hopefully more will take part in these fruitful discussions.

Hi deltagamma74) it is pleasant to hear the colleague of the photographer)

Hi Notregde) communication with you gives pleasure to me. And double pleasure if my work is pleasant to you. Considering that I considered this photoset not so successful, it is even more pleasant to me to hear a praise)

Excellent set Catherine and Beatrice. Very well done, very well indeed!

Thanks TonyA) I am very happy that our work is pleasant to you. I hope not to disappoint you in the future.

You keep shooting sets like this and you'll move to the top of my favorite Photographers list!! Your work has progressed from boring to exciting over the past year. I love your sets now, and I'm thrilled to see you listed as the Photographer.

Hi TonyA) Unfortunately photosets happen various though certainly I aspire that all of them were good. I hope that the forthcoming photosets also will be pleasant to you. Sometimes happens difficult will be to predict as far as successful phototypesetting. I am glad for you to work)

Beautiful set, erotic set, marvelous photography, outstanding model. Congratulations!

Hi JimmyGeorge) I am very pleased your congratulations)

Beatrice is beautiful! She is another one of Catherine's real women and Catherine has obviously made her feel comfortable during the shoot. Kudos to both ladies.

Thanks a lot Baggy36Pants) Is very pleasant) during this photoset, we very much tried. We are glad that it was pleasant to you.

( :

I am glad that it was pleasant to you)

Absolutely, Catherine. ( :
I always anticipate your work when you're gone for a long time. Welcome back! ( :

Image 114:

"... I know where my lips have been,
The holy hills, the deep ravine..."

One can dream, right?

Hi lember92) you forced me to smile long))

Hi Catherine,
I am happy to make you smile any time. Over the centuries, the beauty of a woman inspired works of art. Some artists create paintings, some create sculptures, some, like you, photographs, some write poetry, some, like me, quote poetry written by others, immeasurably more talented. But we are all richer for the experience.

Hi lember92) I very much love poetry. The poetry in the best way can pass delight, charm and love experiences.

Another fine set of erotic photography by Catherine and Beatrice.

I enjoy viewing Catherine's work. The various poses and angles that the woman's body is photographed from add interest and excitement to my viewing!

Thanks for adding an artistic and erotic set to MA.

Hi iluvsex) It is very pleasant) to Beatrice very juicy model though I considered this photoset not absolutely good. I am very glad that you liked my work)

A perfect body (thank you, lovely Beatrice) perfectly presented (thank you, dear Catherine). Keep them coming!

Hi Myshkin) I wasn't sure of this photoset. But now I look at it and it is pleasant to me. And more I like Beatrice. Thanks a lot)

Beatrice is a jewel. ( :
Thank you for bringing her to us.

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