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This girl, Perfect pussy, nice tits, sexy feet ,banging body and skin to die for

An example of a perfect 10.

An example of a perfect 10.

Is it really so important what she "is". Do you look at a white man and declare "He is almost certainly South African, French, Australian, etc.?
She is certainly beautiful regardless of what kind she is.

nice dark curtains!

Belinda is Very beautiful and Arkisi has done a perfect job of photography. I do wish she would smile a little more. She could be gypsy as I have met gypsy girls that dark in the U.S.

A gorgeous, naked woman, on clean, white sheets in a hotel room.....what a way to rev up the morning!

Beautiful Face! Nice nipples! Brown labia, pink inside; My two favorite colors on a lady! (; Thanks, honey!

Beautiful - from head to toe

Superb! Belinda's one of the models that stand out among the crowd! I adore everything about her and this set adds to the allure... Very 'clean' set. 10's all around!!

Spectacular! If I didn't know better I would say this is one fine Latin beauty but Latin she is from the Ukraine. That smooth coffee colored skin and those chocolate brown nipples are so very hot.

lol, "Latin"... hate to break it to you but she's almost certainly gypsy if from Ukraine with those features. Still, a beauty and a fav.

"Latin" lol.... Hate to break it to you but she's almost certainly gypsy if from Ukraine with those features. Still, a beauty and a fav.

LOL "gypsy"!? Hate to break it to YOU but "gypsy" is NOT a nationality. "Gypsies" are most commonly of Romanian descent, not Ukrainian. Belinda's looks are 'almost certainly' of Indian descent, or possibly Tatar. But I have an idea...why don't we ask her?

"Belinda, from whence comes your beautiful color and striking features?....if you would, please put this discussion to rest.
Thank You".

You're a fool. Gypsies, more commonly known as Roma, are from India originally. The farther east one progresses in Europe the darker the complexions on the local Roma and thus the more "Indian" they look. You'll notice many girls on this site who are from Hungary, for instance, but considerably darker than the average Magyar; they are almost certainly gypsy. Likewise is the case with this model. Gypsy, or perhaps Caucasian (from the Caucus). She is not Ukrainian or Latin, though.

And no, she is not Tartar, you clearly have no idea what a Tartar looks like. They're Turkic and of relatively fair complexion (lither than her at least).

You are clearly ill informed. Do some research before spouting off what you think are facts. And we're talking about people here, not sauces.

thrillho is correct....Gypsies/Roma were originally from India.

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