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This girl seems very under appreciated, I think she is exotically hot. Definitely my type!!

Long black hair and those black stocking's very sexy

Belinda, you wear those black stockings well!!!!!

I really don't understand how any set with Belinda could be rated so poorly; she is absolutely stunning. The more moody, maybe bored, unsmiling images I find sexy. If I have a beef about her sets generally it would be the Photoshopping out of her tattoos, but even that can't stop her being my absolute favourite model on here.

Belinda gorgeous brunette looking gypsy; most Spanish that Ukrainian.
The outline is poor and gray.
The photos you drag one behind the other wearily.
Belinda looks bored.

Belinda could spare us scars on his groin.

Female Photographer

And your point?

Belinda is very beautiful, especally in her nightgown.I wish she could find more to smile about, but if she can't she can't. Forced smiles are no good. Maybe Ms. Linin could tell her jokes or something. In the meantime Belinda has a pretty smile and a great figure.

Ahh, finally the banter on Met has reached argument level. Gotta love anonymous posts on the internet. LOL.

BTW, some like stockings, some don't, so why not remove them at some point in the set. I prefer skin to nylon.

Yeah, this is more like what I was afraid was going to happen when MA rolled out the comment feature.
By and large, we seem to have evolved a pretty civil, pleasant style of commenting, with a healthy dash of humor, as a community. Still, from time to time I guess everyone's gonna have a bad day... I just hope today's negative commentary never becomes yhe norm.

Remember it is the photographer directing each and every shot. I like Belinda much better by Arkisi.

As I perused Belinda's latest gallery, I found myself thinking, "Damn, those are some sexy eyes!" To each his own, I guess....

I love Belinda's brown eyes and dark features as what sets her beauty apart from others. She is one of my favorites, but this is not my favorite set from her. Still a keeper, because I always enjoy Belinda.

Funny, I found Belinda striking and beautiful. I guess these forums are a change for anyone to sound off but think about what you say.

I totally agree - this is a young woman you are talking about hipshot not a piece of meat. Not every gallery can please everyone. It's not as if you don't have 1000's of others to enjoy. Good manners cost nothing.

Let me just say that I still don't understand why Met-Art decided to put this comment thing here on so that those lifeless, hopeless & futureless mother trucker can bark their senseless stuffs. All these models & photographers & the team they are doing best work AND they got to hear those craps? It's very unhealthy... So please if you got nothing clever to say please shut the hell up. I understand if your wife just left you or got fired from job but keep that to yourself.

Feel free to act on your own advice. We still have freedom of speech in this part of the world, buddy. We have the right to speak our minds, no matter how inane YOU may think it is.

Yes but what I'm trying to say is that keep the hands off the comment when PMS arrive and buy a mirror... :-)


I get what he's saying, Tomcat.
If all you have to say is a negative comment, esp. about the model herself, it really is a drag.
Constructive criticism to the photographer is one thing, an ugly or biting comment about a model is another thing entirely.
Sure we have freedom of speech and that's a great thing most of the time. But when we use our freedom just to make nasty comments it makes for a hostile environment nobody likes to be around.

If that is what he meant, then I agree wholeheartedly! The model is the model. Any harsh or radical criticism for being her natural God-given self is totally uncalled for.

I have viewed every gallery on this site and have made only one negative comment about a model's appearance. Have a look at Idoia A's galleries. She's a beautiful girl with a wonderful ass, but you tell me if a new hairdo wouldn't be an improvement.

I apologize to you and Met-The-Best for jumping the gun a little.

She has evil eyes! Her attempts to be sultry come across to me as disdain and sulky and even bored.

She is somber in some of the photos, but she does smile in many others. Even if she had horns and a pitchfork, I would still like her.

To each their own.

I find Belinda to be one of the most exotic, erotic and incredibly beautiful models on Met-Art.

This session is no exception.

I my opinion, she is an absolute total babe !!

Your an asshole and should keep your mouth shut! If you don't like her pics, cancel your membership and go back to your tasteless hole .......

MASTER hipshot is not an asshole he gives out as many compliments as he does bitches. When he does do a negative I usually go back and look again at the set. He almost always make it clear it is ONLY his opinion and when I review I can almost always see what he means, I may not agree but I see why he said it. And very seldom uses vulgarity. Of course this is just my opinion.

Damn, talk about shooting from the hip...
That's a pretty harsh statement.
Is that your overall impression of all of Belinda's sets, or of this one in particular?

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