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Perfect body

the photographer made a total waste of her time with this shoot. You have a lovely model and it seems the photographer has no imagination or how to use her. The model seems bored probably due to lack of direction or theme from the photographer.... I hate people who waste natural resources and this one is a waste of a lovely young lady.. a shame

"Clean Photos: MetArt does not alter its photos with airbrushing techniques or other photo altering practices. Enjoy the models with complete immersion."

OOOPS photo altering person - you missed something in #104 & 105.

Way to "catch um" kilroy!! lol ;o)

Belinda is still my top model so I just don't understand how the other models of the last few days, lovely though they are, can all be rated higher than this stunning woman. Only Divina is anywhere near as gorgeous. If it is the slightly bored expression please spare a thought for those of us who like this look; and how mush do I like this look!

Look at who photographed this mess, ziggyzaq. It's not Belinda's fault!! It's the idiot behind the camera!!

What shits me more than anything else, my subs, and yours, help PAY this clown to produce the rubbish she does!!!!

I must say I have not enjoyed her last two sets as much as others. It is sad, because I really like Belinda, those brown eyes and dark features are lovely.

There is a first-rate model lurking inside Belinda, waiting to be discovered by the right photographer, someone who can get her to project through the camera and establish contact with the imaginary viewer on the other side. I'd love to see it happen, because she is certainly a beautiful thing.

Sailor, you need to go back and view her earlier sets. Wow, go back to the 11/07/2010 set. She takes almost the entire set to take her clothes off, I was glued to every photo. Todays set is the second set where see wears those shoes from this set. Definitely not a turn on to me but in earlier sets she managed to turn me on in a dress and black stockings, wow!

Dutchman, You don't even have to go back that far.

Old sailor, you know the things of the world.
Belinda is not ukraina, is an Indian princess under a false name.
In the garden of his castle in Rajasthan she plays with tigers.

gaetano, on my trips to Ukraine I have seen many young ladies like Belinda, in the south, Odessa area particularly there are many dark skinned beauties such as she. It is an area what was heavily muslim in the past and ruled by the Khans and there remains a lot of them there. Also many jewish peoples remain there, like a lady I know there very well who is also a dark skinned and dark haired beauty.

I'm happy to pretend to be a tiger : )

Not just an inspirational model mainly because of her dull facial expression.

Evil Hitler mustache.

gorgeous model with perfect body. i do love her. i wish there was few close up shots of her pussy. i love her shoes. i love high heels.

Patience Butterfly!

gorgeous model with perfect body. i do love her. i wish there was few close up shots of her pussy. i love her shoes. i love high heels.

Hate those shoes! It's a wonder that our hospitals aren't filled with broken ankles and twisted knees. :((((

The shoes are merely props in a god-awful set from Linin. Belinda neither stands nor walks in these shoes, thankfully. As as erotic/glamour photographer, she'd make a bloody good dish-washer. And on THAT topic, here's a hint. She'd never be employed in my kitchen. A total waste of band-width from the first shot to the last. Beautiful model, third-rate snapper.
There's an old quote that comes from the WW2 military - "Who called the cook a bitch?" Answer, "Who called the bitch a cook?" Here we have, "Who called the photographer an idiot?" Reply, "Who called.............!"
This site is supposed to be about Eroticism, Glamour and Soft porn. Linin misses the mark completely and consistently. And she's been around long enough to know better. The only female on this site to complete the 'Grand Slam' is Flora. So my hat is doffed to her.

As a certified OSHA inspector I would not allow them on a worksight. But hipshot they are supposed to be sexy? Last time she wore shoes it tanked in ratings. Do we blame her of the artist? Since after 8 votes it a six, what did you give it hipshot? To be fair to here she ditched them at the end. Bet it is going to be a n interesting comment day. Sand on the ass on one set and hooker shoes here. We'll see...

Oh, I forgot those ugly damn rocks on a turd, Oh, I mean third.

Goodness my spelling sucks today...


But hard to tolerate your use of CAPS! I hope some one gives you a new keyboard for Xmas.

I don't think a2m2 has ever replied to anything in the comments, so I don't think that they go back and read past sets.

HE is the most consistent "ignorer" of comments....LOL

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