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Definitely not my cup of tea.

Looking forward to seeing more of her, great body, legs arse tits vagina, could we next time be treated to a view of her anus, im sure its just as perfect as the rest of her.

Another Ukraine Goddess. My God... I see one that I think cannot be surpassed in beauty, then they somehow find another one.

like if you are speechless!

gorgeous girl and a lousy photographer.

As many have said, Blanca is a treasure, how could you go wrong with her? Well, I hate to keep harping on technical issues, but photography is kind of important. Am I the only one who sees the images as washed out? There is no contrast, if you look at the levels in Photoshop there is no zero (black) value, and nothing until 24 to 34. (Digital images go from 0 (black) to 255 (white). When doing photography of the most beautiful women on earth, it's a good idea to pay attention to the technical stuff too!

fully agree.

It's "art" Red...."technical stuff" has no place in art. The "artistic" aspect of the nude photography here gives the "artist" a license to create what he sees as a "work of art" not a "technical masterpiece". Soft focus and low contrast are common in this arena. And although often criticised, most sets of this nature are pleasant to look at for me when it's of a model that looks great in this "light". If you're going to examine these photos at great length, looking only at the technical aspect of the photography, it must diminish the experience considerably for you... Lighten up...;o) And if photography is that important to you, dump that Photoshop! Or as I like to call it "PicturePaint"... ;o) It creates "lies".

This isn't artistic license, this is photographic immaturity. She's a gorgeous, wonderfully curvy girl, but the use of center mounted flash is washing out and flattening the curves of an extremely curvy woman. That wasn't an artistic choice, that was a mistake. Period. Yes, as photographers of women, we are burdened with the knowledge of what could have been when we see someone miss the full potential of a shoot and/or a model. Does it diminish my enjoyment? No. DO I notice it. You bet.

Once the blue blouse leaves the set it is all washed out and soft focused too. It seems that when on the beach the camera men lose their sense of color and contrast. Doing that and using soft focus is just plain bad practice.

more? oh yes please.

Yet another flawless beauty from the Ukrainian goddess mill! Blanca is perfection top to gorgeous bottom to lollipop toes. just wonderful. 10.

I hate to be a decenter but have mixed feelings here. I am not a big breast kind of guy and big breasts plus large aureola are a show stopper for me.

Otherwise she is awesome. The skin tones are lovely, her face is beautiful, the body is otherwise perfect but for me the breasts ruin it. She looked fabulous in the first shots with the blouse on. Classic beauty shots.

I wish the artists here would quit putting girls on these bleak barren beaches. I am not a fan of beach shoots. Especially when it is such an ugly location.

Word!! I was gonna say "put a Hawaiian shirt on her and we have a winner!" lol
But you're right, the location leaves a bit to be desired... And she IS a beautiful girl! Well worth saving. Looking forward to more of her...

I rarely give debut sets a perfect 10 but how can you not with one so utterly flawless? Blanca, you are a stunner and I can't wait to see more!

Wow this girl is really beautiful

Fantastic girl!!! Unfortunately the pictures quality is far away from being perfect.

Beautiful girl, inadequate setting for displaying her true beauty!

Fantastic model but the pics are overexposed. I'd rather see her in early morning or late evening light with the accents that the shadows provide.

Love the last four frames of this shoot! Very sexy girl and looking forward to seeing more of her soon!

big Debut, every thing ok. good work with camera.
Blanca: wow delicius body, but what so a big smile. you don´t see it every day. yes i want to see her soon. but take your time to do it right

Love the way she gradually unveils her glorious titties, everything else is good too!

An amazing beauty.

Blanca seems incapable of giving a bad shot. Very cute, very pretty, so absorbing that I didn't even realize it's an outside shoot until I set about to write this note. ( :
Gorgeous girl, easy 10. I hope to see many more sets with Blanca in future.

My old eyes have not yet determined if the model's name is BLanca or BIanca. Regardless, the lady has wonderful breasts, lovely puffy outer labia and a sweet camel toe. A cursory glance seems to indicate that her nether regions escaped unscathed the exposure to irritating sand.

My eyes ain't what they used to be either, Baggy, but I'm pretty sure that's an "L".
Not that I'm looking at her NAME mind you... LOL

It's only an "L" the way baggy typed it...lmao It's a 'lower case' "L", and "Blanca" is correct... And in Spanish it's "white" and does this girl have the right name or what! Pretty gorgeous too! You geezers need to break down and get some specs!! ;o) lol

"I will NEVER wear bifocals!" LOL
Famous last words of would-be-young old geezers everywhere...

Great debut. So many great pictures here. I would like to see more of this beauty.

I hate oblique framing! Keep the horizon horizontal!

What monkeryma said. Some days you'll just have to take your seasick pills before coming to Met-ArtLand.

Each to their own but I would rather see good framing of the subject rather than seeing a horizontal horizon. I do not think the framing detracts.

Agreed. I wasn't really thinking about the horizon. I won't share what I WAS thinking about but rest assured that it wasn't that.

Fantastic debut, yet another flawless find, Blanca is gorgeous and what a fantastic body, hoping for a lot more of this beauty to follow.


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