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While this set lacks in closeups, it makes up for in raw sex appeal. The girl is simply too delicious to resist. The complexion of her skin, the seductiveness of her eyes, and the warmth of her smile make you want to enjoy looking at her far longer than this set allows despite the fact that this is a larger than normal set anyway. I think this set is very underrated and hope to see lots more of this darling beauty.

Yesss she got curves..love the ladys with some baby fat..but wish she didn't shave the puss puss..love at least a little hair down there:)

Blanca is very beautiful, sexy, and alluring. Love the set and the poses. Very sensual and appealing. I hate angled or crooked camera views. Come on guys, shoot straight.

Actually; Blanca, the set, and the photography deserve 10+. Excellent job.

Blanca is a gem, the look in her eyes would melt any man's heart. As for the set, it's on the "tame" side, ie. no close-ups, nothing even close to explicit, but this site does vary on that score. I prefer more revealing shots, but I can live with it, she is a treat to see. I do notice however that some of the shots seem to have been shot with a soft-focus filter, which I am not a fan of. Her beauty should be seen, not blurred. If Ivan did NOT use a soft-focus filter, then he has some serious lens flare issues to clean up.

But back to Blanca, what a beauty! :)

Definitely not my cup of tea.

You need help, man.

This girl sizzles & oozes sex appeal.


Love this lady's attitude.
Such confidence, such unabashed sensuality.

Beautiful babe, boring poses

What boring poses?

There is a lot of repetition in the poses, like in her first set. I would like to see more variety and less duplication. She is a beautiful woman.

I love the sequence of pics from 143 to the end, and especially #156.....her shoulders, (with a hint of tan line), the natural hang of her breasts, the curve of her back toward her derrière, and the look on Blanca's face.....mmmmm!

Pure eroticism & sensuality in the look of Bianca. Unbelieveable!
More of this kind, please!


Beautiful eyes √, shapely breasts √, large areolae √, great smile √, bubble butt √, little if any photo_shopping √, very nice set √.
Thank you to both Blanka and Harrin.

Lovely smile , a better Job.

Blanca, you are flawless, beautiful beyond words. Wherever Ivan Harrin points his camera he finds something ravishing. xoxo

How absolutely gorgeous!


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