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Stunning - perfect

Catherine, In past years I have sent in comments regarding the high quality of your photography. Your lighting with soft shadows make your work instantly recognizable. You bring out the beauty of every model with every hair perfectly in place. This outdoor set had to be difficult with variable light in the backgrown and yet there is no harsh evidence of fill lighting. You are to be congratulated on taking the time to graceously answer our comments. You are not just one of my favorite photographers, you are my favorite!

Thanks for a response. I am glad to work for you, it is good when on other end of a planet there are those who you love. I already wrote that this set isn't pleasant to me, namely on lighting. I made some mistakes. But it is more pleasant to that to read your warm responses.

Excellent work Catherine! This set is a perfect example why I have only a few favorite photographers, and you're one of them. Fine job capturing Bogdana's magnificent, sultry curves and sweet innocence. She's a 10, and Catherine is also a 10. Thank you.

Very pleasantly, many thanks.

This is truly a "four 'star' day"! MetArt does it again!

It's amazing that this set is rated a little over 9, out of 10. Bogdana is beautiful but it is Catherine who brings out her personality as she does with most of her models. Catherine you are one of my favorites and thanks for actually responding to our comments!

Thanks. Your attention and your comments is very pleasant to me. I am inspired by an appreciation of my work and model work.

Oh how long I've waited for the return of this heavenly creature!
Not an ideal setting for her, but I'll take anything she does, especially when shot by one of the best 'shooters' out there. Great job ladies....please don't stay away sooo long Bogdana.

Thanks. I considered this set not successful. For me this day was difficult. I am glad that the set was pleasant

You're quite welcome Catherine, and your efforts are appreciated more than you know. As with all 'jobs', some days are good and some..not so much. Even your "bad" days produce good results.

Thanks for these words. It is pleasant to me to work for you.

Very nice with the exception of the pierced belly button.

I will please you, Bogdana now doesn't carry piercing.

That's too bad....I liked it. :o(

Bogdana is pleasant to me both with piercing and without piercing))

Very good point Catherine, and I agree completely! With or without makes no difference. Whatever Bogdana prefers is what I like.

Thank you for the closeup of the armpits

In future works I will consider your preferences.

Catherine; please don't.

Bogdana is really God's gift.She is incredibly beautiful all over,and has a totally wonderfull butt. Catherine is my favorite among female photographers

Thanks. I will transfer all these comments to Bogdana that she read them.

Catherine always does excellent work and unlike some of the male photographers she understands what men come here to see. This set is well done with very nice balance. Just enough of those amazing closeups and lots of this wonderful girl's face and body. Nothing missing and nothing in excess.

Bogdana is a very lovely and has a perfect body. She is a master of those over the shoulder shots and not the least bit bashful. I like this a lot. A girl should be proud to show such perfection. A nice smile or laugh would be very nice too.

Bogdana too very much is pleasant to me. I would tell that it is the best model with which I worked.

I luv the cute and delicious little Bogdana!!! She's been one of my favs since her first set!!! Some great shots here, although the set could have used some more rear view shots. And Catherine, please coax a few laughs and big smiles from Bogdana when you photograph her. I luv to see a pretty girl smile!!!

Thanks. The smile of this model too very much to be pleasant to me. It very womanly. I will try to focus attention on its smile.

Thanks. The smile of this model too very much to be pleasant to me. It very womanly. I will try to focus attention on its smile.

Gorgeous girl, Bogdana is very cute and willing to show her beauty from every angle.

Catherine captures her nicely in an outdoor set with some fantastic bottomless shots, as beautiful Bogdana displays her delightful cunt to sole attention, without the distraction of her lovely pert tits, in addition to some great shots sat completely nude in full exhibition, beautiful.

Thank bobblehat.

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