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Oh where oh where has Bonny gone?? A stunner like her, should be making more than one shoot for the camera. I love her looks, her smile and her personality.
Seriously Met Art.......Bonny needs to be featured more. Hopefully soon.
Latvian girls can be so gorgeous.

Another "Lovely Latvian" for our viewing pleasure. And a real beauty this one is! Please make yourself comfortable Bonny... We'd like to see a lot more of you... Perhaps monthly..?? Welcome! XOXO ;o)

You have well said towards this delightful young woman, let us hope more civilalized comments follow. Are past history was barbaric, let us move forward into inchantment, displayed by Bonny O...

Bonny is an exceptional beauty, it is difficult to find words to compliment her. Her attitude is great also, one can see her comfort and enjoyment in posing. I hope to see much more of her!

Great debut. Just make sure this wont be her only set. I truly hope to see more of her.

Koenart has done the best thing in letting Bonny get out of her clothes at her own speed the first time You CAN'T rush a Met newbie and expect to get a good set,which this is.This is the same reason some girls will work only with one photographer, like Erik Latica and Milena D Igave Koenart a 10++++ and Bonny a 10++,she is still learning. I notice from the skin texture she waxes,this is best if a girl insists on grooming

Always love to see a lady in a robe, just wish she had been nude underneath. Nice debut!

Beautiful lady, excellent addition. Doesn't need to add anything.

I like Bonny's spirit. She clearly enjoyed posing for us. ( :

She did... and wasnt she at joy to look at! such a pretty smile to go with a lovely slender body with surprisingly perky little tits and great nipples. very arousing young girl.

Pretty and good posing but she need to gain some weight.

They can't all be Aza hipshot...;o)

Paraphrasing Tiny Tim ... "More Please!, Sir." Such Italianate features. Look at the length of those fingers! She could probably reach over a chord's width with those hands.

What ... you want Roseann Barr? Love #14 - reclining like that on the couch with her legs drawn up really highlights them. Makes her look really relaxed - like she's just waiting to watch a movie on the telly.

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