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Welcome Branna, you're very pretty, but this set of presentation is aesthetically and technically quite poor.
We are waiting for your next photos in a better set.

Sexy with full figure and not a stick insect.
Wow, simples !!! :-)

Gorgeous full body girl - please let your hair grow out.

Yes let it grow out, her Armpit Hair too! Her Pussy and Armpit stubble was nice to see. It's also nice there was no retuching!

Gorgeous and sexy. Instant favorite. Awesome debut!

She's soooooooo hot!!!!

Branna is truly hot, and poses so well you would never know she's a met Virgin. The shoot however, is poorly edited, you could take out a full page and it would be much better

This girl has an amazing butt! and its well featured by the photographer. I love Branna's black hair and blue eyes. very exotic and erotic looking girl. arousing debut for sure. well done to both model and photographer. Looking forward to more from you both....

Nice debut, I like Branna's meaty feet.

What a gorgeous, sexy woman! I hope we see much more of Branna in the future.
Thanks to Mr. Simi for bringing this beauty to us!
(p.s. if I haven't yet made you one of my "favorite" photogs, I'm going to now!)

Branna you delicious sexpot, how dare you make me wait so lone to meet you! What a lovely debut. It reinforces a logical syllogism I've been formulating in recent months. It goes like this: All Ukrainian women are beautiful; Branna is Ukrainian; Therefore Branna is beautiful. The logic is rock solid, beyond dispute. Come back soon, honey.

I live in an area where a large number of women of Ukrainian origin have settled ... and I'd agree. :)

"long," dammit, not "lone."

Don't be so hard on yourself, Sailor. It's easy to get confused after viewing this beaty.

"beauty", dammit, not "beaty"! See?!

Having another cognac usually helps. You still make mistakes, but you don't care.

Branna is a very promising newbie, give us more...

Branna is gorgeous and sexy. A GREAT newcomer. Sirmi's talent is very visible, esp. on the window sill.

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