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Thanks Arkisi
Shes beautiful in this set again. Now lets see her all natural with armpit hair and bush hair! Can we?
Thanks for not retuching her pits too.

All I can say is beautiful she is an Angel

I love these productions where a beautiful fully-clothed woman sheds her clothes and then goes in for some very intimate erotic posing. Beats the hell out of naked wood nymphs flitting through the vegetation. Extremely well done.

My God, Branna is gorgeous! So natural, and comfortable. Thankyou for sharing your lovely ass with us.

pic 116 is amazing! really shows of the beauty of the female figure and how lovely this girl's ass is...

Branna is fabulous! With black hail blue eyes, creamy skin and a perfect background that set off her beauty, Arkisi has outdone himself. I gave both of them a 10+,although I do wish she wouldn't put that necklace in her mouth. Didn't her mother tell her about germs? She doesn't know where that prop has been.

a) I suspect that is her own necklace, seadog... hence her "familiarity" with it! ( :
b) "hail blue" ? That's a new one for me... where'd you get it, and what does hail have to do with blue?
(My Dad's a linguist, so I inherited his curiosity about language/word origins and usage)

Beautiful photos of a really lovely lady. Thanks!


Branna is still new on the scene, yet appears to be at ease showing us her beauty and curves. And there are curves! This is a decent set, her fourth one.

The photography is well done as we should expect from Arkisi. I didn't mind the necklace so much, but the three shots 22,23,24 with it in her mouth are a little strange. I enjoyed seeing Branna again.

Arkisi, it is not a pity Branna dressed.
Branna is beautiful dressed "almost" as naked.
Arkisi not be afraid to Branna dressed.


Too much black and gray too.
A set chromatically plate.
It would take a bright color.
For example, the necklace red or green or blue.

Maybe a video with that pretty face and body in motion.

Agreed, I'd love to see a video of Branna too.

Branna is so delectably womanly... Arkisi does a great job in this set of documenting how her curves have curves.
Yummmmm ( :

I really like brunettes with beautiful blue eyes. Branna represents the Sisterhood in this niche category very nicely.

I found it hard to get past the cover image in this set, but I'm glad I did. Branna has never been more delectable.

Branna, three months ago, on your debut set, I said "Branna is a very promising newbie, give us more..." Well we have had 4 sets now. And I still want more. I would love tp know te sequence of the four sets because you seem to be getting more comfortable with each one. Yet on your 2nd published set Arkisi shared that it was actually the first such shoot you have ever done. Sailor said on the 1st set; "All Ukrainian women are beautiful; Branna is Ukrainian; Therefore Branna is beautiful." He, of course, was correct! You would still be beautiful even if you came from Sailor's Ohio. Your at your best when you are playful...

So that's where Ohio came from a few days ago. For the record, old chum, I live in PA. But your reasoning is impeccable, wherever I live. : )

Sailor, Where in Pennsylvania do you live? I live near Allentown.

Not far from you, Neil, in Bucks County.

Damn, That blows my other comment today. Sorry?

Sunning Set, Stunning Girl

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