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Why did Goncharov photoshop Her armpits? Armpits are much more sexy un photoshoped left natural.

In my town, a girl soft and velvety, like Branna, it is said that is a girl "milk and eggs".

Brava Branna, "milk and eggs", that shows, smiling, all his hidden treasures.

A pretty set spoiled, a bit, by bad ambience black & white, especially black.

Beautiful woman and great start for a bush. I hope you let it grow out full and lush to surround your beautiful labia.

Breathtaking!! Branna is scrumptious!! For me, it's a very good set.

Lovely crop!

Branna is a very pretty model,who has been presented in a much better setting and with much better photography by Arkisi. Take a look at her past work. She should have stayed with Arkisi, but its the model's right to choose the photog she feels comfortable with. I can't give this over a 10 for both, and I'm streaching it.

This is the best set by Branna! Hot! Hot! Hot! Let it grow!

  • nman
  • 8 months ago:

The stubble is so sexy, please let it grow. A very uninhibited model, such hot poses, thanks and come back soon.

A member of the PP club, for sure!

Branna is a beautiful woman!

I appreciated today's gallery so much that I increased my rating for Branna by 1.

Thank you to both Branna and Goncharov.

Please, Show the tip of your tongue - it corresponds to the shape of pussy and clit!

Can't get enough of this amazing open, friendly woman

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