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Lovely, fit and bold. A great new girl. I hope we see many more sets.

Welcome Brenn.
You are unmistakably a model of the Catherine's harem.
Which means beautiful among the most beautiful.
You seem to me happy to be a beautiful woman and eager to show this to all without shyness.
Catherine a job of elegant and refined eroticism as is standard for you.
To be hypercritical, it seems to me that the makeup is a bit too heavy.

gorgeous model with perfect body. excellent photography.
i love both girls

Breann, I will have to relook at this photo set in order to look at the rest of you and not just focus on your beautiful breasts. You are lovely!

Zdraste Breann. Ochen klac Katysha.

Breann's smile is Mona Lisa-esque!

Another flawless, beautiful, erotic, artistic masterpiece from Catherine! Catherine you really have the touch - I don't see how you do it. Perfect lighting, every detail showing clearly! Wonderful poses and facial expressions. The only thing I don't like is Breann's tattoo, but no one can change that now.

Wow!!! Spectacular Katya! Fabulous new model! Great photos! XOXO

I forgot to mention....please show her tattoo next time...;o)


Lower back...

Thanks C6C791:)

Nice debut set.Hopefully we can see more of Breann.Thank you ladies.

Using a minimalist approach, Catherine brings us another exotic beauty, and is Breann spectacular!
I especially appreciate the portraits of this gorgeous lady. I hope she visits us frequently in the future!

I agree fer_realz.
I also like the portraits of Breann.....and judging by her facial expressions, she seems to be a very sweet lady too.
IMO, the greatest physical attribute of any woman is a beautiful smile:)

Nice debut set Catherine, I hope Breann is with Met Art for quite some time.

Two new models in a matter of weeks (Xola and Breann), do you have any other new models waiting to make their debut soon Catherine?

Hi Catherine, I am delighted to see you are presenting a new model this morning. Breann is absolutely gorgeous. She clearly has that solid gold classic Catherine style. Another star in your galaxy of beautiful young women. Perfect. And your photography is perfect too. 128 perfect photos of a beautiful young woman. Perfect, simply perfect. Warm regards to you Catherine and best wishes. Please convey my compliments to Breann.

Hi Neil) Very nice)) I just got off the phone with Breann and transferred all your words. She was very happy and flattered that she liked. If I'm not mistaken, I place one or two pictures in FB. I already wrote that I liked this model at once during our first meeting. She has a habit of being serious. I had to constantly remind her during the last photoset that she was smiling. She has a beautiful smile.

Hi Cathie, Regarding photo number 114. This may me the first time in the history of MetArt that model was photographed with her thumb in her mouth. Ground breaking, cutting edge art. Historic! :)♥(:

Welcome Breann, you are a very attractive and natural young woman.

Thank you Catherine for bringing Breann here to visit, and for the way you captured and presented her beauty.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Thank you very much for your praise. I just sent comments to Breann. She is very happy, thank you)

Sweet and pretty little thing,Breann,I like her very much.Nice.Good lightinng,color,focus and cropping/composition.Elegant
grooming.Attractive.Seductive,inviting poses.Erotic imho.I find this simple photoset represents an evolving trend towards
a more sensual and erotic nuances that could add something important to your always remarkable work.Thanks,Catherine.

The Seller

Hi gswkJu) I am very pleased that the work you liked. Breann good, she's sexy and I love her face. I think that will be published another set. I liked it so much more. But this work is also good.

Only one shot of that delectable rear, pity .
Great set Catherine.x

Hi ergo) I realized that I need to do more close-ups rear. Thank you)

Hello Catherine,

I am very glad to see your work, as always. I am especially pleased to see a new model in your army of adorable angels!

I would like to welcome Breann to Met Art, and hope that she stays for a long time. I also hope that she doesn't read the comments on here, as they can be pretty vile. I have been ignoring the comments lately, but I will look to see if you reply to me.

I hope to see much more from you and Breann in the future, and as always, I don't think that I am alone in hoping that you will make some videos soon.

Best wishes, fondest regards, and warm hugs from me.

Hi nihil) Very nice to read such a warm and pleasant comment in the morning. Thank you) Breann I liked as soon as I saw her. I've done with her a few sets, I hope that Met-Art will publish all sets. While running, it felt very comfortable and at ease. I loved working with her. I will post your comment model. I also wish all the best and embrace you)

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