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There is nothing better than a beautiful girl out in the forest with her legs apart and her knickers around her knees. Great poses from lovely little Bridgit.

Shot #109 is such a beautiful pose but there is some scary guy down below who is watching her. He is wearing camouflage, but I can still see him.

Some of the best shots of her anus for sure. Im not sure what I want to fuck first, it or her pussy. Absolutely hot fucking body !

Bridget is indescribably delicsious. The light in her eyes when she smiles could illuminate any area she chose to occupy. Her peach fuzz is absolutely delectable and while this isn't the greatest set to show off this beauty, I still love it.

Love the peach fuzz on her tasty little pussy and her insanely cute ass!

It is neither sexy nor sensual climbing, hanging, or sitting in a tree. Get a room somewhere, please.


The most beautiful creature of the forest.

Very arousing set of outdoor pictures, beautiful girl with a smoking hot little ass

There's nothing "little" about that smoking hot ass! It would make a fabulous pillow!!! The outdoor pictures add a bit of excitement to the photos...

Yummy shots, love the wispy hair, would like her to let it grow fully for at least 1 set.

Great smile and butt! There is nothing like natural light to showcase delicate body hairs.

Good to see her back! It's been far too long!

Wow!!! What a perfect little beauty!!!

Light is tad harsh but there are some delicious pussy and rear shots.9

"a tad harsh" is being much too kind. It's waaaay too harsh to use for a shoot.

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