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I adore this girl so completely, but I so desperately wish we'd STOP shooting her outdoors. She looks so much better in the studio sets, and we have seen so precious few of them to date. This is one of the better outdoor sets - better light, less squinting - but we've seen so many that I'm barely interested anymore.

Beautiful little pussy and ass, I would love to lick both.

So girlish, so beautiful, so uninhibited—that's an irresistible combination, even if it does make me feel like a dirty old man. And BTW, I love big jugs as much as anyone, but Bridget's little breasts are absolutely perfect. Like the rest of her.

Bridgit once again succeeded to make me faint ;)

beautiful girl-- I wish she would shave a little better

I luv the gorgeous and hot little Bridgit!!! For a set that has sand in it it's very good!!! I would love to set some indoor sets of her, preferably with no pubs at all!!!

A perennial 10, Bridgit displays so naturally and so erotically.

I couldn't have said it better. I love Bridgit's fresh-faced "girl next door" look. What a stunning beauty. One of my favorites, too. Always a 10!

Just love the hint of hair growth. How about a shot in a month or so when th epubic hair is fully grown?

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