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A beautiful girl could be gorgeous if only she'd smile!

What a beautiful women! I think all of us who have viewed this set would like to see lots more. Before I read the other comments, I thought I could have taken better photos with my 40D canon. Because of this I will give you a 10 for being such a super model!

Bridgit excels in any setting. Unfortunately that means outdoors almost every time. That said, she is irresistible here. Beautiful from head to toe. Hers is on my short list of pussies I'd most like to taste.

Met Art sacrifices quality for quantity by contracting these photographers who are too cheap to use and purchase state of the art materials and equipment. These girls are too beautiful for that kind of professionalism; they, (and we), deserve better! Rylsky, Catherine, and some others excluded of course!

i fully agree

Bridgit caps off as "full value received for money spent" day @ MET. To my eyes, Bridgit is very attractive and my favorite picture in today's visit is #59.

Another nice outdoor set from Bridgit.Would love to see her spread it in a bedroom set.She so sexy.

I, too, wish for bedroom sets -- but we will all just have to keep wishing.

Outdoor sets are cheap, easy, and quick to shoot. Volume pays the bills.

Think about it --

You plop a girl into a Volkswagen, drive for an hour until you find a secluded cow pasture, tiptoe around the cow-pies, click+click+click, and you're done. Now you drive back, treat her to a drink at a sidewalk cafe, pay her, and submitt the pay voucher for a completed set.

you got to shot pictures of a beautiful naked lady, spent a couple hours out in the wonderful countryside -- AND GOT PAID FOR IT !!!

Now, that's what I call capitalism !!!

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