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Further note to the editors: There is such thing as "re-shoot." In this case, I wouldn't have even posted this rather weak shoot. Keep your standards high and always try and raise the bar higher…. Loose the bad photography, take a small loss, for the better of having quality work "only" on your site. Photographers that loose shoots due to their poor work will either die out or learn to be better photographers.

quite simply: bad photography….

Bridgit is indeed a flower. Any man would be lucky to spend time with her. I have to agree the hammock distorts her beautiful body too much. The set could have been saved by doing far less hammock, and include other poses without the hammock. Another thing I have to wonder, is when I see a day's worth of stubble. Women say men with beard stubble are kinda sexy, is this supposed to be the case with pussies? Just asking...

If they think it is supposed to be they need to rethink. Stubble is no man territory and I am sure a woman doesn't like it either. What may be the case is that the models must travel to the photographer or visa versa and they often do 2 or 3 days of shooting so the stubble might be just a product of the second or third day of shooting.

Bridget is very pretty, but has the sun in her eyes.

A net hammock; how to make a slim, pretty girl look like the Michelin Man. Not a good idea.

Funny analogy! That is indeed the net result - distorted flesh.

Nice pun kilroy....;o)

No.79 perfectly illustrates the risks of shooting outdoors. 'Seconds' anyone??

I see your point....nasty (and a don't mean Bridgit).
That photo should never have made it to publication.

Bridget looks very nice spreading her pussy in that net.

Overexposed, plus too full of light with no shadows, plus her hair is in the way.

Bridget, you a perfect little porcelain doll. What a wonderful treat to meet you.

Ah, Bridgit. Forever the innocent child woman. The setting is nice the photography is solid but the Hammock sucks! The way it distorts that lovely body and obstructs the view of that lovely flower is a crime!

#108 and 109 are the two best shots and the few others where we don't have to look through that ridiculous green curtain.

Beautiful girl and lovely site but very bad prop. I will not download this set.

I'd have to agree with you 100%. This is a prime example of why I don't usually like outdoor sets as much.

Bridgit, my little flower, you're back and all's wright with the world once again (though I wish SOMEONE would photograph you indoors, for a very pleasant change). That said, you are tastier than ever in this set, and I love it. It's your world, honey, the rest of us meely salivate in it.

I was thinking along the same line, an indoor set, you nailed it !

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