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This is simply one of my favorite Bridgit sets.

One of the sweetest angels on Metart! Forever the cute young teen and yet your as seductive as a goddess. Small and compact but perfectly scaled to your size. Like a little china doll. Why did you conceal those lovey little breasts for so long? I hope you don't feel that they are to small because they are as perfect as it is possible to be. As is that spectacular little butt and that perfect pussy. I love #40 and 41. Those great big eyes and that riveting gaze are completely captivating. So innocent looking and yet as sexy as any woman could be.

I have loved you in every set I have seen here and elsewhere. Thank you for bringing the sun for me this chilly autumn day.

Ah, Bridgit, O devastating combination of cute and sexy, may you continue to grace these pages with your gorgeous images. I do adore vertically compact girls like you! Oh, and let it grow (you know).

Location unusual and colorful.
Beautiful Bridgit.
Extravagant clothing very sexy.
A set completely OK

Bridgit A has a very sexy butt. I wish all the shots were totally nude. Very sexy legs too. However, what is the big idea of obstructing some of the views with plants and flowers? I prefer clean views. Otherwise, very good set.

what planet are you on sailor? planet creepy?

Why because sailor waxes elegantly...

That sound you just heard was my heart trying to cope with the strain....
Bridgit is a perennial favorite who (as pointed out by swlpf2) can do absolutely no wrong... what an icredible beauty!

I don't think I have thanked you for being one of us who are trying to elevate the nature of the comment section. You are! And thanks.

I agree with swplf2 completely, I also want to thank you fer_realz.
I want to add (and thank) kilroy also.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the shoutout!
Thanks to you two as well... I TOTALLY agree with your aim of keeping things civil and respectful.
I do find myself getting a little salty from time to time but I try to always keep it positive, find something original to say, or at least an original way of saying it, and have FUN with it! ( :
I think it's possible to be sexual and adult ~ after all, we're here to look at nude photography, not abstracts or landscapes ~ but to keep it light and funny ~ as well as respectful.
What I try to avoid is crudity for the sake of shock value.

Bridgit is such a sweet young lady with such a beautiful big butt! I love stretching poses like 64 that showcase a hint of ribs.

K is on a roll.

This is a young lady who is just as sexy partially dressed as naked. I would let her "work" around my cabin anytime. Is there anything she does which isn't sexy. Makes you wish you were a piece of fruit ready to be picked by her. Great set...

...and put in her mouth, flavor savored lovingly...

Bridgit, my angel, you are perfection once again. I love your beautiful eyes, your perfect little breasts, your scrumptious pussy, your mouthwatering toes and your gorgeous round bottom (can't ever get enough of that!) As I said the last time, it's your world, the rest of us just salivate in it. xoxo

Love the salivate comment; very apt. Love Brigit too and the fruit only appeared in the last frames. (No crazy hats either...whooopeeee!)

Sorry again!!!!!!!!

Bridgit, my angel, you are at your glorious best in this set: perfect little breasts, alabaster skin, beautiful pussy, mouthwatering toes, delectable bottom (always want more of that!) As I said last time, it's your world; the rest of us just salivate in it. Kisses all over.

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