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Bridget A is sooo cute!

wow, one of the few pics where the point of interested is really sharp - is one where he shows how damaged her toes are.

That is unbelievable.

For a moment I thought - maybe ISO was way to high on most pics and trying to salvage the set this blurry stuff was the result. But no. This is just bad.

another set where the photographer seems to have forgot to tell the camera where to autofocus. A lot of pics where some ass or belly hair is fully focused - because it is in the middle of the picture, while everything of interested is blurry.

What happened?

I've got to wonder on many shots "where the heck did that photographer decide to focus this time?" Usually in the wrong place, that's for sure. Gorgeous girl, below par photography I'm afraid.

Bridgit is one of those models who has only been shot (or posted) from a single photographer over all her sets. Not coincidentally, she is also one that IMO could see an advantage in having someone else shoot her once in a while. She has had good sets with Varin, none that were outstanding, but only a few less than par. Some of my lack of enthusiasm of past work could be that the vast majority of her sets are outside.

Now we get an indoor set from this lovely, and there are technical (focusing) issues. Those ridiculous strap-on angel wings that someone dug out of the attic have already been covered in other posts here. It is not Bridgit - she has all the qualities of a top MA model that I find appealing. She just needs to be captured differently. Bottom line - I like Bridgit, mediocre photography.

I'm sure Bridgit is an Angel but I could do without the wings.

I had kinda hoped we had seen the last of those silly things a few years ago. Maybe this is an older set.

I'm a sucker for cute little dimples on cute little bottoms and Bridgit has 'em.


FINALLY he shoots her indoors -- and not only are they out of focus --

but he puts those infantile, out-dated, "porn-esque" wings on her !!!!

The wings went out of fashion about 8 years ago.

To borrow from Henry II -- "Will no one rid me of this turbulent photographer?"

She hasn't done an indoor shoot for the last 16 sets -- and he makes a complete balls-up out of it !!!

Bridgit you get a high score with me despite the camera man.

Weak photography…. Please. Expect more, higher quality, more thought, better lighting, better ideas executed. That is at minimum being more respectful to the model. How to make a beautiful young lady look awful? Examples included in this series. There is such thing as "reshoots" and "editing." Set you standards high and live by them.

In all her sets there's something in Bridgit's facial expression I don't like.

Like she doesn't really want to be there...perhaps.

The wings were entirely superfluous to this little angel's beauty. However, that is the sole sour note I can find in the entire set.
The heartbreakingly winsome opening sequence, entirely non-"erotic" but every bit as powerful as the intimate and fully erotic sequences to follow. And the stunning title image... and then that phenomenon of nature that is Bridgit's breathtaking bottom.
I am not a "butt man" but I gladly worship Bridgit's.
I've always been a fan of Bridgit, but particularly in the last several months, her sets just get better and better.

fer_realz, a man of your intelligence must at least be a closet butt man! Personally, I came out of the closet around puberty, when the girls in school suddenly became more interesting to follow.

Oh, I must clarify! I absolutely adore women's butts. I just mean that I don't fixate on them, and in fact, Bridgit is one of the few MA models whose butt shots I give more than normal consideration. It does happen, but usually I prefer frontal views.
With Bridgit however... yummmmmmmm

I am relieved.

SO glad to set your heart at ease, Sailor. : D

I'd love to be the one who gets to pull those tight jeans off of her sexy ass

Slightly out of focus, and busy background comments aside, (and both very true), Bridgit is drop dead gorgeous.

Had a off day Albert ?? almost every shot is tad out of focus .Still 9 for Bridgit's tush null point albert.

Agree with you on the focus. Bridgit looks fantastic. A lot of poses here that had the potential for Hall of Fame images, if he'd only got some part, any part of Bridgit in focus. (Hint: take multiple images per pose to increase the odds of getting something useable.)

Our gorgeous young Bridgit is becoming a beautiful woman right before our eyes. Albert Varin has posed her in front of an excessively busy background and in the last pictures of the set even saddled her with a set of wings. But he has done eloquent justice to Bridgit's delicious body, and for that we can forgive him almost anything.

P.S. Don't you just love pix 19 & 20? Lots of playful peekaboo over Bridgit's wonderful ass—and lots of eyeballs in those shots. Did I mention she has a wonderful ass?

Sailor, why the hell haven't you commented on Bridgit's amazing hind end?!? It's not like you to overlook such a wonder of nature!

Must be advancing senility. Whose hind end are we talking about? If it's attached to a woman, I'll take it.

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