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Why would you post pics of someone who looks like her feet belong on a corpse? Wash those puppies then take the pics, sheesh!

Very awesome photo session and so beautiful! Hope to see more. Find me under my username.

beautiful! please soon more. I love her dirty feet ;-)

Nice new star.The sooner next, the better.

There is a lot to be said that's all good about Brooklyn, (I don't give a damn about her dirty feet, she's out-doors for Chris-sake!!), but less about Dave. He is capable of, and has proved, he can do better than this. I await her 2nd set, looking for the improvements Dave knows he has to make.

A perfect model of beauty and bloom. One of the best among bests. For viewers like me, you are most welcome on the screen every day. Perfect for a movie, but no less than 10 minutes running time.

A perfect model of beauty and bloom. One of the best among bests. For viewers like me, you are most welcome on the screen every day. Perfect for a movie, but no less than 10 minutes running time.

Brooklyn desrved beter than this set. Bad lighting control/grainy pictures/poor color rendition, not to mention the filthy feet. Let's have her back without Dave!

Control of lighting levels & quality were an issue here. This young woman is worthy of being displayed correctly. The phot quality was poor, control of lighting non-existent, and the afore mentioned filthy feet make this a disaster for the photographer. Let's face it, Brooklyn had no control over these technical blunders.

I actually find her dirty feet appealing.

Glad to hear it... Maybe roll her around in the manure too...?

No rockhard, let's not do that!

LOL I'm with you lickr... I just thought rezz might like that since her muddy feet appeal to him/her(?)...;o)

Nice to see some fine North American pussy. Brooklyn is a welcome addition to the Met Art world.

I like the model, and this is an "okay" first set. Hopefully, she will appear again and be a little more relaxed and revealing. There are not a lot of pictures in this set, and they are a bit grainy, which I would attribute to the lighting. I agree with rockhard, shoot her inside next time.

I quite like Brooklyn's 1st set it has a nice outdoor setting with some very sexy shots of her as well too and by most of the you fellas comments are directed at Brooklyn's dirty feet give me a break she's only 18 years old and her 1st series with MetArt i'd be a bit shy with a camera crew gawking at me and no hipshot131 it's not an old miners shack it's an old temperary cattle yard when mustering cattle they usualy have thached roofs to keep the sun off we have the same in outback Australia i spotted it right away by the axe cuttings on the log frames and of cause Brooklyn would have dirty feet rockhard its outdoors jeez as for Dave Preston he has 33 series in his name and some are quite great so i think Brooklyn will loosen up in time dont you worry fellas :)

Just where do they get the thatching for roofing in "Outback" Australia? I live in Charleville, SW Queensland, and the only roofing I've seen when roaming the stations of this massive State (3x times the size of Texas;-) is corrugated iron, or, if you're Really Lucky, made from flattened 20 gallon tins. Earlier than that? Wooden slats.

There are a LOT of outdoor sets on the site and NONE of the models have feet that look like Brooklyn's do in this set! Sand is one thing, but this is NOT sand. Give ME a break! What does her age or the fact that it's her first set have to do with cleaning her feet BEFORE the shoot!? If this set is Preston's 'style', I DON'T look forward to more!

Take a look at Preston's "Engrave" with Alex...no mud splattered on HER feet, and it appears to be the same location. His sets of Alex ARE quite good, but THIS one is "sloppy".

Punctuation is your friend. It turns your stream of random words into actual thoughts we can understand. You should try it sometime.

Brooklyn is a gorgeous, sexy girl, but what is up with all the graininess in these photos? It's definitely some kind of digital artifact, but exactly what I don't know. Maybe bad scanning from slides? Definitely not Met-Art quality (why did they buy the set?). And Dave, I agree with the other comments about her feet. If you're going to have her walking through dirt, at least bring a towel and some water, and clean her feet before you start shooting!

Agreed --

A wash cloth is a detail -- and we all know "the Devil is in the details".

If you insist on OUTDOOR shoots -- you risk many things, such as dirty feet and potentialiy "grainy" shots.

She's petit and pretty -- I await a second set to see if they get it better.

A pussy and body and face like that....
and y'all are peeping her FEET?
They're shooting outdoors.... unless she's walking on the water, her footsies is gonna git a lil' dirty... not that I noticed.

Me neither. I think she's hot and I can't wait to see her next set. The things people complain about around here amaze me sometimes.

Sí, cariño, dejó a aflojar algunos.

A good start.May not see liberal shots. Very pleasing to eye with a beautiful rear.

Nice start, a bit conservative and there is room for improvement for photographer as well as model but it's not bad for a first try and she is American which puts her in a rare group to start with.

But, is this a "rare group" that we wish to see?? ;o)

No liver condition, Just very dirty feet. Looks like an old abandoned miners shack in the hills somewhere and it also looks like Brooklyn does a fair share of barefooten. Like I said, room for improvement.

Does this girl have a liver condition, or did they make her walk down a dirt road to get to the set? Muddy/dirty feet = not sexy! Nice looking girl though... How about you try this again...INSIDE! And loosen up a bit Brooklyn! Take a look at the sets here that score high... If you care about "scores" that is...;o) Anxious to see more...

Agreed --

We don't often see eye-to-eye, so thanks...;o)

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